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Example sentences for stirrup

Stirrup and duct ties are to be provided if required for containment of tendons.
Electrically connect all stirrup bars, strands, all longitudinal bars and structural continuity bars at the bridge site.
The hammer and the stirrup are common names for two out of the three small bones in our inner ears.
It all came back to him with a rush when he found himself alone with these heroes of the rope and the stirrup.
And with those words he had thought to have leapt again upon his horse, but he failed of the stirrup and the horse started away.
Trends go out of style faster than you can say shoulder pads and stirrup pants.
Keep only the ball of your foot in the stirrup with your heels down and toes up.
Heel contact pushes the stirrup upward to engage the pushrod and drive the cam into the friction ring.
Secure stirrups to walls with two suitable anchoring devices for each stirrup.

Famous quotes containing the word stirrup

I sprang to the stirrup, and Joris and he; I galloped, Dirck galloped, we galloped all three; "Good speed!"... more
Ay, they heard his foot upon the stirrup, And the sound of iron on stone, And how the silence surged softly... more
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