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Tendrils are specialized plant parts growing from the end of a leaf or the side of a stem.
Irrigate gently, keeping the stem or trunk and crown of the plant dry to prevent fungal infections.
To develop a more prostrate form, cut vertical stems back to the plant's main stem.
Spread a layer of mulch around the plant, keeping mulch several inches away from the stem or trunk.
During the growing phase the plant flowers and begins to develop four or five tillers along its main stem.
It may even bolt-shooting up a flower stem-prematurely, resulting in a plant that cannot be harvested.
Critical thinking is, more or less, the other anchor of the spider web: the willowy stem of skepticism.
Reduce redundancy by putting any words that would be repeated in the answers in the stem.
Scientists may have found a better way of turning adult cells into stem cells.
Stem cells may be the key to a bright, shiny future of cure-all medicine.
Scientists have been aware for years that stem cells can be used to grow new hair-producing follicles.
The cells are mesenchymal stem cells-the progenitors of osteoblasts, which make bone tissue.
Stem-cell research is in the works at a handful of centres.
These transatlantic differences stem from the trajectory of private debt.
BP, still desperate to stem the flow, tried a new manoeuvre last week.
Supporters of the legislation say it will help stem foreclosures and provide a boost to a moribund housing market.
He has found several technologies that have a common theme: they all use water itself to help stem the flood.
One stem at a time, place the cuttings inside the dowel circle.
Once a stem shrivels and dries, cut it off at the base.
Anchor heavier branches by loosely tying together their stem ends with a piece of twine.
Some nurseries and florists sell tropicals by the stem at this time of year.
Wilted leaves often perk up if you cut off the damaged part of the stem and put it in water.
Push an outside stem to the side, then twist and pull it off.
The receptacle is the point at which the floral parts attach to the tip of the specialized stem bearing the flower.
Tag the covered flower stem with brightly colored yarn.
Another type is meant to stimulate root growth, stem vigor, and flower and fruit production.
As a watermelon ripens and develops its mature color, check the curly tendril that emerges from the stem end regularly.
Cut around each avocado, from stem to blossom end and back again, then twist the two halves apart.
Typically, hybrid teas carry one blossom at the end of each flowering stem.
Stems are soft and succulent, so you can chop up entire sprig, stem and all.
Step four will be removing the leaf and stem debris from the seeds.
Flowers-sometimes two to a stem-usually bloom before leaves emerge.
Other studies have also shown that stem cells can heal spinal damage.
Using leftovers from liposuction patients, scientists have turned human fat into stem cells, a new study says.
Scientists have found that umbilical cord blood may be a new source of organ-growing stem cells.
One solution for such patients might be a stem cell bank.
Flower: hairlike, bronze to purple, on the upper part of the stem.
The curl prevents the chenille stem from pulling out of the tulip and forms the center of the flower.
These predictions stem from a new theoretical model that provides the best look yet at how and when the cosmic pile-up will occur.
The bark is covered with thin flakes of epidermis, lying parallel to the stem.
One role may stem from the shark's cartilaginous skeleton.
Find out more about this crisis and the efforts to stem the advance of the disease-and what you can do to help.
Sometimes, the wisest conservation policies stem from proving a species should not be protected.
Inching up a stem, this caterpillar is looking for leaves.
See how a chimpanzee wields a stick to get to honey and how the right twist of a stem can mean a tasty meal of termites.
The main stem then enters the inferior lobe, where it divides into ventral and dorsal branches similar to those in the right lung.
The pathways from these centers to lower centers in the brain-stem and spinal cord are only partially known.
The rudiment of the heart is situated immediately below the fore-gut and consists of a short stem.
Unless something is done to stem this flood of poetastry the art of verse will become not merely superfluous, but ridiculous.
So he crept beneath twin bushes that grew from one stem, both olive trees, one of them wild olive.
Stem-winder somehow has more life in it, more fancy and vividness, than the literal keyless-watch.
Stem cells are vital throughout life because they can develop into specialized tissue.
Patient-derived stem cells reprogrammed to become healthier.
Deadly call and response recruits stem cells to nourish ticking tumors.
Scientists have long been studying the process of how mammalian stem cells differentiate to form specific types of brain cells.
Stem cells from unfertilized eggs may be too tightly regulated.
As your body develops, neural stem cells transform into the specialized neurons, glia and other cells that make up your brain.
Whether you think stem cell research is immoral or not, this little trope needs to be dealt with.
Stem cells have been the subject of worldwide scrutiny for years, yet they remain a puzzle.
Stem cells placed in a scaffolding generate a brand new rat heart outside the body.
Stem-cell guru says reprogramming adult cells might actually work better.
Stem-cell research lurches along through roadblocks and red tape.
Researchers say they turned a mouse with muscular dystrophy into a mighty mouse by injecting stem cells into its muscles.
Our bodies are made up of hundreds of different types of cells, but stem cells can become all of them.
Scientists already knew that cells known as melanocyte stem cells were responsible for youthful hair color.
But conceptive gels and stem cells could bring some virility back.
Being able to take one type of cell and turn it into another would be a great boon to patient-specific stem cell therapies.
They even managed to clone frozen mice by first using nuclei from their brain and blood cells to produce lines of stem cells.
The problem seemed to stem from a lack of skepticism, or of philosophical distance from themselves.
The rope is not a normal gallows rope but the stem of an opium poppy.
Franz calls a stem halt to our rehearsal, as he searches the snow for his wand.
Many of the problems in consumer finance stem from consumers' financial illiteracy.
When that didn't stem the violence, it sent more troops.
On his way to work, he found props that would serve as the impetus for the day's shoot-in this case, a pumpkin stem.
Any additions to national savings attributable to these plans would stem entirely from the tax increase.
Using a clean knife, cut the melon from the blossom end to the stem end.
If the state is to make progress against illiteracy, it must stem the tide of school dropouts and teenage pregnancies.
The research team is using adult stem cells to produce proteins involved in bone healing and generation.
They stem from and represent a community in the making.
When pigs are present, and that tree-fern stem is lying on the ground, the pigs will come along and munch on it.
They want the government to act to stem the tide of foreclosures.
His brain swelled, squeezed the brain stem, and stopped his heart.
First, he emphasizes other areas of the brain in the production of consciousness, especially the brain stem.
In the developing world, in particular, efforts at prevention have failed to stem the tide of new infections.
And now we're on the verge of a revolution in neurology and in genetics, stem cell research, and multiple transplants.
These slips stem from a worthy concern for the accessible, but they also hint at an absence in the story.
So the difficulties there do not stem from mobilization to the harvest but rather from this special problem.
The custard weaved its way through the florets and laced the leaves together with the sliced stem.
Insert a wooden stick halfway into each apple at stem end.
Cut out and discard center rib and stem from each leaf.
It is easy picking field strawberries because they grow in company on one stem.
Still, foreign production continued to surge, and the tariffs failed to stem the price free fall.
Implantable materials that grab stem cells and spur their growth and survival could improve bone-healing surgeries.
Until recently, the promise of stem-cell therapy has centered on stem cells' ability to morph into virtually any kind of cells.
F or treatment of severe fractures, stem cells derived from bone marrow could be used to generate new bone tissue.
Researchers are working on transplanting stem cells in utero.
US stem cell researchers fight with uncertain financing and esoteric restrictions.
The delay does not stem from the need for high-precision.
Bone marrow containing stem cells seeps into the damaged area and forms a clot.
After nearly a decade of setbacks and false starts, stem-cell science finally seems to be hitting its stride.
The scientific bulletin of the year may be the stem-cell breakthrough.
Stem cells are capable of rebuilding blood cells in the marrow.
Researchers have detected cancer stem cells in tumors from patients with pancreatic cancer.
Blood and marrow stem cell transplant has improved the outcome for patients with high-risk hematologic malignancies.

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