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Though security is extensive, it is possible to stuff an item inside a sock or shirt.
Otherwise, stuff a sock in it and get back to work finding that proof.
Blood from a blister has soaked through the heel of her sock.
Of course, even if seniors are able to sock enough away, retiring to a beach or a golf course isn't for everyone.
With everybody and his sock puppet getting into the act, the comedy surplus became self-cannibalizing.
Soon the darned holes are more of the sock than the original wool.
Eventually, the whole darned sock is made of different wool.
It was an instrument of war, accompanied by drums and a dagger in the piper's sock.
Pull the top of the sock up over the bowl until it reaches the top of the bowl lip.
Work with your community: put on a block party, a barn raising, a garden exchange program or a sock hop.
There is something ridiculous about being able to buy a sock monkey.
After all, they do their best to sock away loads of cash.
They have their good areas and bad, but also their share of relatively affordable housing sock.
Your sock puppet is continuing to look increasingly thread-bare.
She found him reading the paper, one leg suspended in the air, as he was pulling on a sock.
Here he's a pleasant-seeming chap-a sock salesman who wants everything to fit nicely.
Fortunately, this didn't involve finding a lone sock or it would still be a mystery.
There must be a cardinal rule that every studio mike must have a sweat sock over it.
The labels were obscured by socks pulled up to the rim of each can, so to cheat a volunteer had only to lower the sock.
There is a red darned patch on the white sock of another disciple, and a pile of coats, bags and a book on a stool.
He escaped only by pulling a wad of dollars out of his sock and throwing it in the air, and then driving off in the ensuing maul.
The main priority should be creating and allocating new and more rolling sock to relieve overcrowding.
To use a sock, the depth of the well must already be determined, but the locations of fractures do not have to be known.
Gel skins and anodized pictures of sock monkeys are today's offerings.
For instance, there's a sock hidden in many of them, quite often as a bent arm.
Plus, you can put it inside a sock to make a weapon.
But there are still awesome videos floating around about his incredible sock collection.

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