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Anglers are urged to report any sturgeon they catch or unintentionally snag.
The snag with all these ideas is that the data are not widely and quickly available.
It is unlawful to intentionally snag or attempt to snag any fish in fresh water.
They might snag on the overlying plate as the crust slides into the mantle, creating occasional bursts of tremors.
Freeing a beached vessel usually involved the laborious unloading of cargo until the boat rode high enough to clear the snag.
The snag is that the number of losers-including those facing lower real wages-may be bigger than he thinks.
It can snag prey located more than one and a half body lengths away.
At the tip, where normal penguins have a slight hook to snag prey, the beak in this penguin is straight and pointed.
They may have run into a snag with funding, had a search committee member fall ill, or any one of a number of things.
Wear nylon gloves when putting them on and you'll rarely snag or run your hose.
The snag is that there is no guarantee that it will work.
While reserve biologists tag the crocs, you'll run reconnaissance to help locate and snag the beasts.
They are pressuring for an early hire to snag someone good.
The snag is that virtuous circles can easily turn vicious.
And both kinds of photoreceptors snag light with molecules known as opsins.
The portraits are limited edition items, so if you're interested, you should probably try and snag yours sooner rather than later.
The snag is that forecasts for growth and inflation consistently proved too high.
Kids sit on ladders topped with makeshift highchairs, the better for their little hands to snag trinkets.
The snag is that in these countries output growth has settled around a much lower average rate.
The snag is that the company is still bleeding red ink.
The snag is that these trades could turn out far less profitable than expected.
The prehistoric predator used the sharp teeth protruding from the roof of its mouth to snag large prey, scientists say.
The snag is that today's technology and financial wizardry would probably make it impossible to enforce such a tax.
But now a bureaucratic snag is threatening the scheme.
The snag with this is that people engrossed in video chatting may well resent being bombarded with ads.
The snag about beets is that they tend to be sold in bunches that contain both large and small ones.
Those little hooks can snag bacterial poisons and then stick them to an immune system protein.
There are electricity outlets for the window seat in the regular train so you have to snag one.
We think the only reason people do productive things is to snag a carrot or avoid a stick.
Plus, her husband wasn't able to snag a position at the same university.
The snag is that multi-factor productivity is a lot harder to measure.
You'll also be able to snag bonus features, outtakes, and commentaries.
But the snag may be more political than bureaucratic.
The snag is that the two methods are often incompatible and so cannot easily be combined.
They are slipping in the league tables and are making no efforts to snag talent from top level firms.
They will last longer, plus the buttons won't snag so much.
Usually, they'll excavate a cavity in an old snag, or use a natural cavity in the same sort of structure.
Didn't want to wear it hiking downhill because of the tree limbs which could snag it.
Load-bearing columns that seemed likely to snag a cane.
There was always a snag, a cultural misstep or lame alliteration.
Celebrities snag coveted interviews on major networks, and of course, they can always count on their fan-base for support.
Each one of these operations can snag a blue whale up to half a million calories.
Its surface is chemically treated to snag molecules of the target substance from the surrounding environment.
Snag a military-surplus sight for a grenade launcher, sealed in its original web-belt carrying case.
However, he acknowledges one potential snag: complexity.
The snag, from society's point of view, is that all these drugs are horribly expensive.
The snag is that tackling malnutrition is harder than sending bags of grain.
Another snag for would-be price-fixers is legislation to make whistleblowing more attractive.
However, there is a snag: they have no legal meaning.
But, if you're flexible and willing to fly on a whim, you might be able to snag a great price.
However, when the enemy picks off their two comrades-in-arms, the action hits a double and near-fatal snag.
Regulars arrive early to snag a seat snug against it.
The anti-snag rule will no longer be in effect during the spring.
If a snag poses no threat of dropping large branches on people, leave it in place.
The yellow-bellied sapsucker constructs a nesting cavity in snag trees, dead branches and live aspens in its northern range.
There was no fire in the snag or on the nearby ground.
The largest single cause of snag-tops is fire damage.
Eighty-five percent of sequoias that have snag-tops also have serious burn scars in their trunks.
The wolverine is smaller than a bear and does not snag any hair on the barbed wire.

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