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They took a siren in a circle, and popped out a siren on her own.
Quiet is better than loud so you could hear ambulance siren better.
The reclaiming of forgotten technology is every hipster's siren song.
But what is putrid to humans is a siren call to the carrion beetles that pollinate the flowers.
And it's only a matter of time before you start hearing the siren call.
However, the authorities have decided for the siren song of industrialized countries.
There was an unconfirmed report that they had added a light and a siren on the roof to help complete the disguise.
Predator, you might as well strap yourself in and submit to its siren call, because there's no turning back.
But a new study shows that people with true expertise in a subject have some immunity to the siren song of corporate sponsorship.
But it's definitely a siren, and it's getting louder.
During the second plane incident and the subsequent pause, there was also the wailing for a fire siren.
That's part of what the bus trip was about: a siren's song to those strapped to the mast to come out and play.
We were only a few blocks from home when the air-raid siren wailed.
The air-raid siren no longer screams its call to shelters and antiaircraft batteries.
The original logo featured a bare-breasted siren in brown.
And the mermaid, or siren, will be freed from her circle.
But the siren call became too tempting, especially after an offhand-yet-impeccably-timed remark made last spring.
Mobsters and big-time stick-up workers get a hold on him, and a siren of no mean proportions completely befouls his career.
Siren system status reports were obtained for each system and examined for evidence of system failure.
When a tornado warning or chemical emergency occurs, a loud siren sound will be played.
The siren will sound for approximately three minutes with a steady high-pitched sound.
Some jurisdictions may repeat siren activation every few minutes.
The siren systems are activated locally and are designed to alert area residents of threatening conditions.

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