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Example sentences for shtick

Many took his often cringe-inducing behaviour as a kind of loopy shtick.
Much neater and logical framework than the usual money in politics shtick.
Her shtick demonstrates that she's a keen observer of all that sucks around us.
Or you can have a fresh shtick, something that kicks convention to the curb.
It's been done before, but these funny, relatively unknown actors make the bickering investigators' shtick seem fresh again.
In conversation, this is quirky and funny, but on the blog her clowning can sometimes read as shtick.
They have an adherence to eccentricity that often borders on shtick.
But almost nobody has acknowledged the shtick, or the nostalgia, or the foot stamping of these old guys.
At first they think they are in jail and start to perform their shtick to ingratiate themselves with their fellow inmates.
The excitement is offset by the deliberate cheesiness of the professor's merry shtick.
But those twitches are never more than airy comic shtick.
But in a movie that doesn't know when to stop being cute, the quacking quickly turns into shtick.
Open-mike-night performers always have to worry about audience members stealing their shtick.
There is clearly an audience for this sort of mean-judge shtick.
The soothing voice was part of the shtick, along with the dreamy graphics and cursive typeface.
But when you make a career out of shocking listeners, it's only a matter of time before the shtick wears thin.
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