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Shock is a life-threatening condition that occurs when the body is not getting enough blood flow.
The sticker shock could also become a factor at the ballot box.
Painful though it is, this oil shock will eventually spur huge change.
The shock of an electric eel has been known to knock a horse off its feet.
Protective heat shock proteins present in every cell have long been known to counteract stress.
But what can be seen above ground is the archaeological equivalent of shock and awe.
To minimize shock when planting, cut off container bottom and set both plant and container in planting hole.
Images of a human heart showing increased blood flow after treatment with shock wave therapy.
They might cause unpleasant upper respiratory irritations, but they will not send anyone into anaphylactic shock.
En route to dinner, it received a pleasurable electric shock.
Using epinephrine on someone who is experiencing bad allergies and not anaphylaxis can send them into shock.
Septic shock is a serious condition that occurs when an overwhelming infection leads to life-threatening low blood pressure.
Another story is circulating in which the economy faces that demand shock but fails to recover because consumers are too indebted.
When you first go into extremely cold water there is this weird response called a cold shock response.
In sepsis, blood pressure drops, resulting in shock.
In those days there were also shock waves to real estate markets, local economy, unemployment.
Current adjustments will reduce the risk of a repricing shock.
Although this theory has been widely accepted, finding an actual shock breakout was due to extreme serendipity.
For decades, earthquake experts dreamed of being able to divine the time and place of the world's next disastrous shock.
The workers shock the animals with cattle prods to keep them in line.
The decision sent shock waves through the scientific community.
But the powerful shock wave of energy travels rapidly through the ocean as fast as a commercial jet.
Some of the quiet types could presage devastating tsunamis or larger, ground-shaking shock.
The findings on the highest- and lowest-earning majors probably won't shock anyone.
The neutrinos, born in the collapsing core, drain energy from the shock wave.
They chose to shock those fully clothed significantly more often than those exposed above the waist.
Unless humans greatly reduce the burning of fossil fuels, no amount of grid tinkering is going to prevent the oncoming shock.
The green and yellow areas represent a hot cloud of expanding debris, while the outer shock wave is in blue.
At subsonic speed, which is below the speed of sound, shock waves are absent.
These jets heat the surrounding gas, creating shock waves that in turn superheat the gas to millions of degrees.
Imagine a game where losing a point means getting an electric shock.
The financial papers are largely framing this as a shock number.
But if you're morally prepared for it, it'll actually help you lessen the shock.
When the wind hits this field it creates a shock wave known as the bow shock.
It cut supplies for only a few months-but was enough to trigger the second oil shock.
First, mimic octopus ancestors started switching on bold colors to shock predators when camouflage failed.
These students are in for a real shock when the land their first t-t position.
For that reason, it was something of a shock when it was announced.
Next the researchers presented the tone without the shock so the rats had memories of hearing the sound without cause for fear.
It was that they were unable to absorb the information at all, even after the initial shock.
They are less dense but move even faster than slabs and are often preceded by a deadly shock wave.
But for those brought up on a textbook definition of what a virus is, it is still a bit of a shock.
If school districts are important, make that a double sticker shock.
For example, it will come as no shock that a market researcher must have a strong command of statistics.
The gloves serve two purposes: buffering road shock while you ride and minimizing abrasions in case of a fall.
They used electrodes to shock silicon wafers with enough electricity to create a silicon vapor.
Alpha toxin is what cause the sometimes fatal toxic shock syndrome.
Researchers trained mice to fear a tone, by matching that tone with an electric shock to their feet.
These costs are now dropping, he added, but sticker shock remains a drawback.
Shock waves would have flung the material from the planet.
The intervertebral fibrocartilages are important shock absorbers.
She had scarcely entered the house, however, before she received a shock.
Amelia, too, might have recovered the shock of losing him.
Before the first shock they tried to scratch their way through the floor of a room in which they were confined.
But it is a shock to realize that adults--as colleagues and as college students-- are equally surprising.
After his release, the student seemed to be in shock, muttering that his life had been ruined.
But this is shock-and-awe stuff and makes one wonder whether other countries will follow suit.
Old trolleys were bone rattlers but new ones solve this problem by directing the shock down into the ground.
For this reason, policymakers need to be careful not to overstimulate the economy when an oil shock hits.
His first two weeks at school have been a shock to the system.
Still in shock, he struggles to remember the names of all the dead and how they were related to him.
The second delusion might be termed excessive faith in shock-and-awe.
It may come as a shock, then, that mere mortals have now made artificial life.
But the shock seems to have reinvigorated the trade ministry.
Whatever brought on the initial shock, hoarding now is exacerbating it.
Yet despite the excuse of bad weather and the flakiness of the figure, it still came as a palpable shock.
So a striking change in regulatory approach has come as a shock to many.
The shock involved would create new, younger stars as well, and these do not appear to be there.
But the powerful shock wave of energy travels rapidly through the ocean, sometimes as fast as a commercial jet.
Every one was roused by the peculiar shock, but no visible explanation was furnished.
It has spent billions retrofitting old buildings and equipping new ones with shock absorbers.
In general, patients with milder degrees of shock tend to do better than those with more severe shock.
They have survived their families' shock and disapproval and the stares and unwelcome comments of strangers.
Surprised recognition, even, enough to administer a shock.
People who are in shock need immediate treatment to restore blood volume and maintain blood pressure.
Here's why: shock waves from the explosion left cracks in rock near the surface.
Its design allows it to absorb shock and recycle energy from one step to the next.
My point is that it is not the shock and amazement that the media is trying to make it.
We need to realize that the power of molecules to shock and awe resides in their creators.
Watch as several looks of shock and amazement fail to cross my face.
In between bones, the rubbery substance that absorbs shock and facilitates movement without injury is cartilage.
But if your hearing starts to fade, get ready for sticker shock and frustration.
The sticker shock doesn't end with the cost of tickets, however.
It took a gadget to shock us out of this way of thinking.
And creditors to both businesses and consumers should ensure that an economic shock won't result in defaults as well.
But he is using the sticker shock to slide in big spending plans without paying for them.
The shock of reentering the temporal zone leaves me a little dazed, disoriented.
His hair too was shock-white and lank on his forehead.
The intent is to prevent future bailouts, while ensuring that big firms can fail without causing a huge market shock.
But as these chefs' experiences in this country show, gastro-culture shock works in both directions.
It wasn't the emotion of the moment: it was shock and horror.
It's always a shock, though, to confront the difference in all its particulars.
And you don't know when you're going to have that one reaction and go into anaphylactic shock and maybe drop dead.
He's crazy about her, or so he says, and after the initial shock he demands to know the name of her lover.
Every post had switched over to rumor, shock, one-liners.
But a juiced-up ape can become something more than fun for us-he can shock us with his power, even inspire terror.
Psychedelically sweet, the shock of this novel's binding almost gave me vertigo.
Thirst and hunger are rampant today as the shock wears off and reality sets in.
Another high stress area in a car would be the shock absorbers.
For example, when a runner hits the ground, a shock wave is transmitted through his body from his foot.
Our system is an indispensable component of the modern building management in all vulnerable to seismic shock countries today.
It is evident that the effect of the shock that he administered was not a temporary one: it has lasted almost into our own day.
Later the scientists would turn on the light and then give the rats a little electric shock.
Muscles need time to recover from one shock before they can respond to the next.
If you apply a second shock too soon, nothing happens.
In another experiment he applied a mild shock to people's skin and had them gesture as soon as they felt it.
The pattern of the shock should be identical, or dang close.
She was trapped in the crumpled vehicle, but to her shock, she was still alive.
The ground shook, witnesses felt the hellish heat from kilometers away, and the shock wave circled the world.
The existence of unanswered questions in science sometimes come as a shock to non-scientists, but there are plenty.
Daylight saving time, originally intended as an energy saving measure, has its origins in two world wars and an oil shock.
Neither new shock labels nor anything else is going to deter those who wish to smoke, not should it be expected to do so.
But if you can grab a branch that can absorb the shock, you can skip the fancy acrobatics.
If you write something to shock the bourgeoisie, don't whine.
There's an emphasis on theatricality that tips off an intentional effort to shock.
The positive reaction the movie received came as a total shock.
So it was kind of a shock to the system on the level of the detainees.
He housed them with his family, sometimes for months, and helped them to cope with the shock of freedom.
With a feeling of shock she found her thighs nudged apart.
Shock after shock threw civilization into confusion.
The motorist glides on air and shock absorbers, but his speed undoes him.
Three times she brought the trial to a halt by swooning, once coughing up blood to the shock of the courtroom.

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