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Humans and aliens could share a common genetic foundation.
We share many common views, including the important acknowledgment that there is not a single problem of consciousness.
Look around the house for things that share a common element.
The mountain lion and the cheetah share an ancestor.
Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.
Share a favorite memory or anecdote about your kind of town and read what others have to say about their favorite places.
New varieties appear each year, while older ones lose market share.
Since the two photons are traveling in the same reference frame, all of their events share simultaneity.
These little butterflies are plentiful and tiny-some are no larger than my thumb-and share similar markings across species.
The countries with the biggest share of academic citations.
Salmon farming has received its share of criticism for being detrimental to the environment.
House and share prices are well below their peaks, even after last year's rally.
It's unrelated to regular anise, though they share a similar flavor.
They found plenty of both, along with their share of troubles.
The males sing to their partners, and the two share a nest and clean each other's feathers.
Share your photos, hear from speakers and learn about new techniques that may help you capture that picture perfect moment.
No one is suggesting that the plant kingdom isn't doing its fair share.
Share your pictures from around the grill as well as your favorite recipes.
Amyloid diseases share the same molecular substructure.
Small breeds share a gene variant that limits their growth.
Two friends share a career as lawyers and filmmakers.
What they share is not only a desire to help a badly served community but also a sense of where architecture fits in.
Be sure to transport your data safely before you share it.
Cisco has announced new tools designed to help businesses capture and share video.
Others predict that its market share will plunge as much as its profits.
For a modest investment, the two would share major profits.
And share options should not, as a rule, be repriced at lower levels if the firm's share price falls.
You'll also find your share of tourists wandering through the market before or after exploring the cathedral.
Dogs will happily share arbors, pergolas, and other shade structures with their owners.
Mortgage brokers deserve their fair share of blame for the foreclosures haunting the housing market right now.
Having his share, he ought to keep to it, and can have no further right against the community.
Each will receive its proper share, if each has that which more particularly concerns it.
All ought to be made to taste the soup, ie, share the disagreeable.
Oil has supplanted forestry as the mainstay of the economy, providing a major share of government revenues and exports.
The group is also supposed to make sure there is enough support for councils that want to move forward with catch-share plans.
Scientists share the first-ever recordings of deep-sea species.
And if you have a snapshot, share the photos of the poor beasts.
The cobblestone streets, elegant quarry-stone buildings and flowered plazas invite travelers to share in their history.
Again, persuading professors to take the time to share proved to be a challenge.
Stay connected with peers as you move through the journey so that you can share and discuss your experiences as they take place.
No other college in the survey devoted such a substantial share of its resources to a president.
It's too much fun not to share with the rest of our zones.
Friends who help with the harvest share in the bounty, and in the fun of picking fruit on a crisp fall day.
And if you have a house-plant maintenance tip to share, you can post it here.
Find inspiration, grow your garden, share with others.
These recipes come together differently, but they share a result: spicy, fork-tender meat.
Add protein and bread, and you have an easy meal that's fun to share.
However, to boost the share of consumption, you first need to understand why it has been declining.
But a bigger share of those gains needs to go to workers and consumers.
But this is still a relatively small share compared with many countries.
We want to share little bits of our lives with our friends.
Several researchers have shown that heightened emotions drive people to share information.
Apple's share price shrugged as though the resignation of the company's visionary leader hardly mattered.
Once these circles are created it is safe to privately share information with your circle of friends.
The book owner wants to give, share and shelve books.
Share your thoughts in the comments or join our ongoing conversation in the open thread.
It's not a secret what the song was, but it is kind of personal and not the sort of thing that you can really share.
We will not share your personally-identifying information with third-party advertisers without your consent.
Domestication, they show, has its share of evolutionary side effects.
Rather, there are regional cuisines, which share a broad family similarity.
Criminals are using cloud computing to share information and to superpower their hacking techniques.
For decades we've enjoyed a simple way for people to create software and share or sell it to others.
Representatives for the ethanol industry say that the share of corn used for ethanol is typically overstated.
But cheap, cheap, cheaper is what fuels growth and accelerates market share.
Vision has had the lion's share of attention in the field.
Such long-term storage could be needed if solar is to provide a large share of the total power supply.
Entanglement is the strange quantum phenomenon in which objects become so closely linked that they share the same existence.
The long traditional anguish of their spokesmen stems from the fact that they have to share their power with others.
He sulks, sucking his paws and glaring at those who don't share his political and philosophical quirks.
They may, for example, be more likely to share the same friends.
Five marathon runners share their stories of pain and perseverance.
Most people aren't funny, they aren't insightful, and they share way too much.
If you ever fancied yourself a blogger but didn't have the time or energy to post share.
If you eat meat, the odds are high that you've enjoyed a meal made from an animal share.
If you haven't been listening to pop radio in the past few months, you've missed share.
It may be a functional space, but that hasn't stopped designers and architects share.
Bad calls by the ump are as much a part of baseball as home run records, rabid share.
Share insurance coverage can be increased only if accounts are held in different categories of ownership.
Share your recovery story to help others see that recovery is possible.

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A slave who deals wisely will rule over a child who acts shamefully, and will share the inheritance as one ... more
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