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Fidel's hand does not tremble, his voice does not shake, his gaze is as firm and soaring as ever.
Certain words can shake the blogosphere in much the same way earthquakes stir the planet.
The government's mission to shake up education has been a political struggle.
With each new incident of record monsoon floods, fires and earthquakes, more tremors shake the global economy.
In some groups monkeys kiss, in others they aggressively shake branches at one another.
The best strategy is to shake snow off or knock it off with a broom to keep it from building up.
Sudden movement along the fault causes the ground to shake.
These vibrations shake the pollen off the flower's anthers and onto the bee's body.
Fewer than a fifth of those who catch the virus shake it off.
Then shake your device to break the picture up into multiple pieces.
Before water polo games, the captains of the two teams customarily meet at poolside with the referee and shake hands.
He would shake out into his palm a handful of pills from a bottle, open his wide red mouth, and fail to swallow them.
Back on dry land, the ponies shake the water from their manes.
Quakes sometimes shake its surface, much of which is covered by oceans.
The best way to harvest is to wait until first fruit drops, then spread a tarp underneath and give the tree a shake.
If they grab you, you can shake them loose in order to run away again.
The declining rates may help people to shake off the idea that crime rises during economic downturns.
The crisis should not shake confidence in the scientific method.
Wearing barbecue mitts, remove pan from grill and gently shake asparagus in pan until oil coats bottom and sides of pan evenly.
Fill the bottle to the top with tap water and shake gently to combine the liquids.
Give yourself a few years to get past the need to shake out the sheets every night before you get into bed.
And he wants to shake up a police department that is demoralised and in need of change.
Thankfully, no one was around the bridge to induce camera shake.
When you shake it, little vinegar droplets scatter through the oil.
Miners clear the forest, and then use explosives to shake loose the stone, which is combed for coal.
They couldn't shake what they had done or justify the killing to themselves.
For those that can't shake that fear, there's indoor skydiving.
Do that too much and those brain cells shake loose and die.
The snakes' colors can resemble venomous coral snakes, and the creatures can mimic a rattlesnake's noisy tail shake.
Less shake means users can pound for longer periods before their hands fall off.
Moreover, these emerging markets are likely to shake things up not only in their own backyards but in rich countries too.
Dressed in batik shirts and slacks, they glided across the floor to shake my hand.
If hedge funds are beginning to shake up the banking industry, it is a fair bet that buy-out firms will not be too far behind.
For the next few hours, cooks had to stir the cream and shake the ice.
One theory says mantas breach to shake off parasites.
Pour the mixture into a spray bottle, and then shake well.
Shake off excess liquid and place bread slices in frying pan.
As the motors move, they cause the cell walls to shake.
These smart whales were able to shake the fish from the line without injuring themselves.
Another problem may be that your pictures are soft because of camera shake.
Find more squid info than you can shake a tentacle at.
Shake to mix before serving on the side with the grilled steaks.
Shake the bottle gently to mix the food coloring with the oil and water.
Unfamiliar dinosaurs also have their role to play in this shake-up.
He has come to feel he knows some of the regular contributors personally, if not to actually shake their hands as he shook mine.
She appeared aloof and sometimes refused to shake hands with admirers.
Fill the eggshell partway with water and shake it up to rinse thoroughly.
If you're one of the unlucky ones, the ground starts to shake, jolting your house off its foundation.
Shake well, and then spray the mixture onto a surface.
If you're using a really slow speed, use a self-timer to avoid shake.
When cornered, rattlers feverishly shake their iconic tails as a last warning to back off.
When given a hefty shove on a shake-table, all of them proved more stable than a test model that had no central column.
Whatever industry you are in, electronic commerce will shake you up.
Now, with the arrival of a wave of new entrants, the chances of a real shake-up in high-street banking seem to be growing.
In its current guise, the great market shake-up may in fact do little to spark new capacity.
Gentlemen always shake hands when they are introduced to each other.
Shake pan to prevent oysters from adhering to pan, or stir with a fork.
Roll in flour, and shake in a sieve to remove superfluous flour.
Simple and faithless as a smile and shake of the hand.
The next day, the bridge reopened with strict limits on the number of pedestrians, but it began to shake again.
When people see me do something, they often shake their heads in disbelief.
Until recently, it was a legacy that the genre couldn't shake.
He plunged off to shake hands with everybody he knew, moving around the room in a slow, counterclockwise semicircle.
But it does mean that the global economy is robust enough so that these funds are unlikely to shake it.
They shake his hand-fingers poking through the protective netting-without quite getting a firm grip.
Ideas about what can cause a tall city tower to shake were on a lot of our minds.
When a plate of steak appeared at the end of dinner, she would race through her repertory of stunts and then offer a paw to shake.
By now, he's played the stereotypical role of the crime reporter for so long that he can't shake the life style.
Then it's over, and you shake hands and hug each other.
Coastal inhabitants can be educated to run to higher ground when they feel the land shake from an earthquake.
Again, tightly secure the lid and shake it until no particles of borax remain and the solution is clear.
Obviously, the ad is an effort to shake those presumably wrong conceptions about diesel-fueled cars.
Engineers often load a structure with weight until it collapses or shake it until it flies apart.
As long as the financial conflicts of interest persist, the problem won't get a fair shake.
The plan promises to be the biggest shake-up of the space program since the glory days of the moon landings.
It's time for the dead of war to shake things up a bit.
The other vibrates the entire panel to shake dust loose.
Take a set of keys, shake and see if their movement is stilted, and stops quickly.
So suddenly a shake-up of the system for applying to university is once again proposed, this time by the body concerned.
Astonishing results may follow that will shake your entire belief system.
No one may ever know unless social psychologists shake off their fascination with jerks.
Studies of chimpanzees finally give southpaws a fair shake.
Now the task at hand is to check whether this study is somehow flawed, or is in fact a finding that will shake up physics.
History is difficult to shake off, and lost potential is not easily regained.
Hold your arms out with your palm oriented vertically, as if you were trying to shake someone's hand.
Even accomplished artists sometimes employ strategies to shake up their preconceptions about what they're seeing.
However the details shake out the story seems to be getting more, not less, complicated.
But fault areas where there have been no quakes for some time are much more likely to shake, rattle, and roll.
After ten minutes of stand-off, the termite starts to shake.
There was a roar that was loud enough to shake buildings.
Add spaghetti and shake pot to prevent pasta from sticking.
Add beef, turning to coat, then shake off excess and transfer to a plate.
Shake off excess flour and stack slices on other half of pan.
Toss slices with flour and a pinch of salt in sieve set over a bowl, then shake off excess.
Pour hot filling into warm pie shell and gently shake to smooth top.
Shake dish gently from side to side and, when flan moves freely in dish, invert a large platter with a lip over dish.
If you are standing above it you can feel the ground shake.
The result isn't as thick as a regular shake, but it is rich and effervescent and candy-land sweet-essence of soda fountain.
Every morning the gibbon rushed forth to shake hands.
The position of a moderate who aspires to shake the world into a new shape presents a continuous contradiction.
As the music became increasingly ecstatic, a few members of the audience began to twitch and shake in a peculiar way.
He decided to shake things up and build a broader fan base through collaborations with other musicians and groups.
And if you don't know them so well, you shake their hand.
They have done their best to shake their heads and look amused, if a bit beleaguered.
Nothing could shake her out of this ridiculous notion.
Further, he would leave a room when he anticipated that he was going to shake so that people would not see him.
If you stop drinking, you shake, which is caused by a nervous disorder.
He reads some, pauses only long enough with others to shake the checks free and drop the rest to the floor.
Professional cooks judge doneness by giving the mold or pan a gentle back-and-forth shake.
It's an image they've never entirely managed to shake since, despite a career of unprecedented longevity.
Turn up the heat and toss and shake until the water cooks off.
Shake with right hand and hug with left, two slaps on the back.
Nor should it be confused with maracas, those hollow gourds filled with dry seeds that shake, rattle and roll south of the border.
Bush would nod, they would shake on it and alert the press.

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