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But the severity of cellulite has long been in the eye of the beholder.
The first versions may simply reduce the severity of infections.
Reactor design, wind patterns, communication and other factors can cause differences in the severity of nuclear accidents.
The severity of that earthquake depends on how far and how widely each plate slips.
The difference in severity of a natural disaster does not always lie in the severity of the natural event.
No one with any scientific sense now disagrees about the severity of the climate crisis.
The severity of these conditions ranges from mild to severe.
People on campus had been aware of the financial problems but not of their severity.
As much as the scale of the crackdown, its severity is raising eyebrows.
Changes to water systems may increase the frequency and severity of destructive floods.
Researchers have identified a lipid molecule that plays a critical role in controlling the severity of a burning sensation.
The excitement of the hunt was so quickly destroyed by the severity of the aftermath.
The outcome depends on the severity of the disorder.
Though actually, this would have happened regardless of severity.
Don't smoke-it can increase the severity of flu-related health problems.
Treatment depends upon the severity and cause of the condition.
Much, of course, depends on the length and severity of the current slump.
But it is still not clear that he grasps the severity of the crisis.
The wall is built to weather floods of a once-in-a-century severity.
They adjusted their findings for age, education, employment and the severity of the patients' asthma.
Ah, how the incorrect prefix can really change the severity of an event.
How the condition is treated depends on the cause and the severity of symptoms.
But this seeming severity was mere posturing: over the same period, the number of people removed did not budge.
It immediately calculates the severity of the turbulence and reports that information to computers on the ground.
The type and severity of symptoms can vary widely among individuals with the disease.
The authorities were slow to evacuate people downwind, slow to notify rest of world severity of situation.
The difference does not lie in the severity of the drought.
The ban was repealed after complaints over the law's severity.
The gene's length also affects the severity of symptoms.
The examinee is presented with symptoms that increase or decrease in severity according to what treatment is prescribed.
The report is yet another sign of the severity of the recession.
The severity of shortages varies across the country.
The growing severity of the dust clouds has raised world concern.
Severity of disease will depend on the pandemic strain.
The severity of the downturn has meant a loss of opportunity around the country.
As the severity of the situation became apparent, scientific bodies sounded the alarm.
Ingestion of shark cartilage powders or extracts had absolutely no positive effects on cancers that varied in type and severity.
The goal is to create a model that predicts not only the timing of earthquakes, but also the severity.
The severity of these regulations, by and large, is at the government's discretion.
The severity of the pollution is still being studied.
Hough says that the reports have proved to be good indications of the severity of shaking measured by on-site instruments.
Not all scientists agree that fires haven't increased in severity.
The severity and extent of all that can make you feel a little helpless.
The severity of the damage depends on the amount of time that elapses before blood flow is restored.
The severity of the economic slowdown was not yet fully yet anticipated.
Their severity depends on what species we're talking about and what part of the world we're in.
Studies show that chewing gum after a meal can significantly reduce the severity of heartburn.
The outcome depends on the severity of lung scarring.
Because of the severity there, the first step must be to mend the holes in the world's safety net.
It has sharply increased both enforcement and the severity of punishments.
The severity of the pain varies widely and does not appear to be related to the extent of the endometriosis itself.
The severity of the crackdown may serve as a pre-electoral warning to ensure a quiet, tidy vote on the day.
Feeling physically clean reduces the severity of moral judgment.
There is also uncertainty about the severity of the economic slowdown.
When the severity of the crisis is considered this picture is modified.
The economic fallout of this supply shock depends both on its severity and how long it lasts.
The type of work allocated to the prisoner should in turn be adjusted as to the severity of his crime.
The speed and severity of the current economic crisis has surprised us all, producing reactions only one step removed from panic.
We are talking orders of magnitude difference in severity of accident.
Hydrologists fear that the severity of the drought has encouraged farmers to build more dams.
Maybe, but the severity of the credit crunch points to broader pain ahead.
The severity of symptoms depends on where and how the virus enters the body.
Symptoms of anemia vary depending on the severity of the condition.
With the beetle's wide variety of tree preferences, it is easy to understand the severity of the threat.
The severity of the condemnation depended upon the time at which the development of the foetus was interfered with.
Fewer forests means larger amounts of greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere-and increased speed and severity of global warming.
As a result, policymakers persistently underestimated the severity of the crisis.
The idea was to go beyond the movement's old tofu severity, the air of judgment and self-abnegation.
All three groups kept a journal of headache frequency and severity for one month before starting on their specific intervention.
What's important is that the momentum to conserve remains even when the drought lessens in severity.
But no crisis, especially one of this severity, recedes without leaving a legacy.
The severity of the problem has prodded politicians into action.
Considering the severity of this case, a stronger sentence should have been imposed.
Depresses our immune system and raises the frequency and severity of infectious disease.
The severity of my patient's diet made me suspect that he was living with an eating disorder.
There are reports of pilot eye injuries from these kinds of shows which are of varying but usually mild, temporary severity.
Two of these were euthanized due to the severity of external injuries.
Gain better control-the severity of symptoms decrease, and you are able to make those traits work to your advantage.
However, there is huge disagreement within the scientific community about the complexities and severity of climate change.
But flu pandemics have varied widely in their severity.
He gimped into the locker room and at this time the severity of the injury is unknown.
It's difficult to maintain political support for countercyclical policy having first underestimated the severity of the crisis.
They should be implemented with severity and compactness to provide a sufficient surprise to change the then market sentiments.
Neurological losses are treated according to the type and severity of function loss.
Treatment is determined by the severity of the condition and is similar to that given for cerebral palsy.
How long you remain unconscious may be a sign of the severity of the concussion.
By giving immediate first aid before professional medical help arrives, you can help lessen the severity of the burn.
For trauma patients, the outlook depends on the severity of other injuries.
Some tests can help confirm the diagnosis and determine the severity of the problem.
Blood vessel narrowing can be a significant health problem and is treated based on its severity.
The disorder may disappear on its own depending on the severity of nerve damage.
As he became sicker and sicker, he hid the severity of his problem more cunningly from everyone but his family and close friends.
Work on the one tool that can make the biggest difference in the severity of a pandemic-an effective vaccine-has been underfunded.

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