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It is also the first such settlement with a for-profit college, the release says.
Seriously, if settlement building resumes, then no peace will come.
As the search continues, the team hopes that additional finds will suggest a settlement pattern along the ancient coastline.
Take a look at those settlement locations now if you think not.
But it wasn't so easy to navigate the settlement itself.
Intuit declined to disclose financial terms of the settlement.
In those cases, the companies' insurance policies did not cover the cost of the settlement.
The remainder of the settlement will be paid by the university and its insurance company.
There is no realistic prospect of a settlement in the foreseeable future.
Explain that this lesson will focus on environmental impacts related to human activities and settlement close to the coast.
If both parties agree to the proposal, the settlement will be by far the largest to date in the hacking case.
The university declined to comment on the settlement.
Human settlement is affected by the distribution of resources.
He says the scrolls had nothing to do with the settlement.
It was the largest health care fraud settlement and the largest criminal fine of any kind ever.
The two sides have agreed to keep confidential the terms of the settlement.
He also said he was unaware of any financial settlement being paid.
The artist captures the transition from wilderness to settlement.
Little was settled in the first round of foreclosure settlement talks.
Or it must accept painful conditions in a settlement.
But the auction price of the cash settlement may not represent the eventual recovery rate after the company has been wound up.
From early settlement days, the cultural arts have been an important component of cities and towns across the state.
The desert habitat in which the onagers thrive is disappearing rapidly due to human settlement and overgrazing.
These can then be used to purchase other materials or special cards which develop your settlement.
Mining will require a lunar base, which will open the door for settlement.
His resignation was part of a settlement that brought the case to a close.
Details of the settlement with the professor, including his reinstatement, were not disclosed.
Even some winners would be on the hook, if the jury award is much less than they had previously been offered in a settlement.
The cemetery-the interesting thing about it is that when the cemetery was in use there was no settlement nearby.
Offering the boys gifts of ribbon, he eased their fears and was soon led to the settlement of tepees.
Each settlement is organized around a central plaza and linked to others via precisely placed roads.
Instead, supplies to the settlement have to be flown in or ferried upriver.
He built a monolithic trading, clearing and settlement structure, despite its unpopularity with some regulators.
The rich settlement against a foreign firm is a landmark.
Any settlement would come with strings attached, perhaps even on conflict avoidance.
Crew settlement over its proposed leveraged buyout collapsed.
Under a settlement agreement, almost everything he owned had been turned over to a fund to compensate former shareholders.
The settlement lies four or five streets deep along the lake, with houses strung close together on small lots.
Commercial fishing, for example, can be quite concentrated far from any human settlement.
There is no political settlement to be had with those who base their views on divine sanction.
Increased fertility, and thus larger families, could have been especially useful in the rural settlement's early history.
But after four years of turbulent marriage, she didn't get a dime's worth of settlement.
He argues that the endurance of a political settlement about rights is some evidence of the political morality of that settlement.
The two main presidential candidates and the head of the army all called for a negotiated settlement.
Nor is a negotiated settlement as unattractive an option as it once seemed.
It calls for a negotiated settlement, based on the principle of exchanging land for peace.
The only solution to the strike is a negotiated settlement of the issues.
Sweeten also stole settlement money owed to clients, then stole from her family when the clients complained.
As consumer debt has risen to historic levels, a growing number of for-profit debt settlement companies have emerged.
Life settlement brokers may also be life insurance agents or securities brokers.
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