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Unlike a bond, this security has no redemption value.
Through this, homogeneity was maintained through the centuries, with geography providing safety and security.
Please consider what this will mean to our future, to science, even to our security.
We have taken all reasonable steps to implement multiple security layers in the project.
Any cyber security expert will tell you that the best way to protect data is to create a layered defense.
Elser attended the festivities, took note of the cellar's layout, and was surprised to realize that security was lax.
The inventor will miniaturize the security of a bank vault into the everyday padlock.
The hook-and-loop closure lets you adjust the fit, and the slip-on style is perfect for getting through airport security quickly.
But they noted that tighter security and privacy controls are needed to prevent against potential strikes in the future.
The detachable shoulder strap is long enough to wear across the body for security.
They each have their own environmental controls and security systems.
Security of food is a basic human requirement and should not be taken for granted.
Security would have kept them from being publicly revealed, had the limitations of the human body ever allowed them to be reached.
Airport security found a jar of pasta sauce in my luggage last month.
World leaders have been warned about the imminent security risk it poses.
It takes a certain kind of brain to see security flaws in everyday consumer conveniences and corporate shortcuts.
Second, have a good working relationship with your college's campus security office.
As college students return to campus this month, they'll have their pick of courses tied to homeland security.
You've made it through airport security with more than enough time before your flight boards.
Utilities and private power firms have failed to install patches in security software against malware threats.
We lined up for the security check and it was a lot quicker than the security check for the subway.
Scientists, security experts and legislators are now pondering various ideas to prevent lab-based terrorism.
Metal-free, slip-off design allows you to flow through airport security with ease.
In an open society, after all, perfect security is an impossible dream.
Failing to take attendance, for instance, is not only a violation of policy but also a felony breach of security.
We don't evaluate security trade-offs mathematically, by examining the relative probabilities of different events.
Metal-free and easy to slip off, they are a breeze at airport security.
Security fears spawn ways to treat radiotherapy's downside.
The newest electronic tellers come with built-in lie detectors, rely on biometric security and let you trade cash for gold.
Employment is subject to successful completion of a security background check.
They established security at the museum complex and, huddling with museum authorities, began an inventory of missing treasures.
The government also beefed up security at important mounds.
Now that security was removed-and the air seemed rife with suspicion.
It destroys my primary right of security, by constantly creating and stimulating social disorder.
Hotels continue to operate and are supported with private-security militias.
There is no defence or security for any of us except in the highest intelligence and development of all.
Travelers still had to remove their shoes at the airport's security checkpoints.
Even when the equity is there, parents are reluctant to further leverage themselves into a future where job security is uncertain.
When scientific research produces results potentially dangerous to the public, science must give way to security.
Such freedom may test the limits of democracy, in which rights to speech are balanced by duties to privacy and security.
He has made some changes to pensions and social security, but in general his reform efforts have been too little, too late.
The security services soon identified the two suicide bombers and their minders on security cameras as they boarded their trains.
No security service can protect against every incident.
The delay is caused by the extra security features built into the new driving licence.
The security services keep opposition figures and even ordinary bloggers under surveillance.
Of course, critical security holes can still take a month to patch.
Opponents of the plan include business travel groups, security experts and privacy advocates.
Many issues posing as questions of privacy can turn out to be matters of security, health policy, insurance or self-presentation.
Even with the best network security, your electronic data may not be safe from a determined hacker.
Health authorities are right to be highly concerned as this is a national security threat.
Suddenly, food security has reached critical proportions for many.
Public-security officials asked them to come to the hospital for a few quick tests.
He doesn't have the job security of the motor breaker's co-workers.
Driver's licenses and social security cards don't demonstrate anything about the holder's legal presence.
It is a place where public security has actually improved.
There he is, waving at the security guard he always waves at in the morning.
Metalmark moth caterpillars can build their own versions of home security systems out of silk, according to new research.
Others feel that cloning gives a false sense of security that populations of endangered animals can easily be rekindled.
The central government was mainly focusing on issues of law and order or security.
He begat the project but was then shut out for being a perceived security risk.
Today electricity can be transmitted via magnetic induction in such things as security swipe cards.
Especially the president who needs to be clear-headed in the event of a national security emergency.
And there's no way that you're going to have any kind of stability without security.
Political progress cannot take place unless you have the fundamental elements of a security situation.
The trouble is-unlike the farmers-Joe lacks a permit to sell in the market, and he often gets chased by security.
It's unproductive to think of security as a series of threats to be overcome, a computer scientist argues.
The open platform calls for a different approach to security.
Scanning prints at two meters could mean safer security checks.
And new security measures protect everyone's data.
As mobile phones get more powerful, the threat of serious attacks against such devices increases, security experts warn.
Researchers are challenging the auto industry to rethink security.
The sensors inside modern smart phones present a range of security threats.
All employees are kept up-to-date on our security and privacy practices.
The cloud is also raising new questions about privacy and security.
However, cloud computing has generally lacked the security features typically required by small and medium-sized enterprises.
Understandably, these firms have a vested interest in improved security.
He has the potential target in his sites and is wondering whether to pull the trigger when security catches up with him.
It is difficult to find serious security reasons for the presidential suspension of due process.
Security is considered insecure unless the martial results are absolute.
It has also stepped up security for its other scientists.
Once security decided to take the officer in for questioning, his eight colleagues decided to go along as well.
Keep your web browser up to date by installing security patches or upgrading to a new version when they are made available.

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