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The secretary, for instance, cannot relieve himself from the responsibility of his office by resigning.
If anyone knows about the need to avoid even the appearance of conflict, it's the deputy secretary.
Each group of experienced weavers has a small corporate structure with a board including a president, treasurer, and secretary.
The president-elect was dictating memos to his secretary in between clicks of the camera.
In this corner: a defense secretary who takes a dim view of an expensive, delayed vehicle.
The chair's secretary asks for your return ticket so they can cash it in and use it for someone else.
He worked for the agriculture secretary during the mad-cow crisis.
The new health secretary is doing his best to defuse expectations.
He appoints a secretary of education, a member of his cabinet.
He puts the question to vote on the nomination as described above, or as below, in case of the secretary.
Correct or not, the defence secretary's reasoning is about to be attacked by state and local governments across the country.
One month later her secretary replied that previous engagements made a meeting impossible.
He concluded that he needed a new staff and a new press secretary.
She had been his secretary-in effect his servant-before they were married.

Famous quotes containing the word secretary

He saw Mr. Lincoln but once; at the melancholy function called an Inaugural Ball. Of course he looked anxiously for a si... more
... the wife of an executive would be a better wife had she been a secretary first. As a secretarymore
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