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Example sentences for seam

Beneath the helicopter's blades, the woods thicken and the terrain rises to a seam of limestone crag, dripping with trees.
Cut around the seam along the bottom and sides of the pocket, but leave the waistband of the jeans intact.
The change, he said, could have come from miners digging deeper into a coal seam.
Install two nails on each side of the seam formed by the boards' ends.
The activity shows the stress the seam is under and could be a harbinger of worse to come, scientists warn.
Apply caulking compound to the seam at the end of the clapboard.
These products include cement board siding, stone and brick, and stand and seam metal roofing.
Then, similar pixels on either side of the seam are fused.
Two weak points may be where the strap is split, and the sewn seam.
We descend at the back of the crack, looking out at a vertical seam of blue sky.
The seam in the middle is the result of new stars forming and emitting powerful gas jets that are ripping the pillar apart.
Drive the blade about an inch deeper, then wiggle the knife back and forth to widen the seam and break loose any paint inside.
He nudges the slices together so they touch and dribbles greenish liquid along the seam.
Yet a mining company wants to mine their sacred mountain's rich seam of bauxite.
Unlike others bags we've reviewed, there was nary a loose thread or stray seam to be found.
Cut a piece into a rectangle, wedge it into the seam, and then side it along the seam.
Fit is slim, but with more ease on thigh and hip, with a straight side seam.
Slide the tool along the length of the siding to open the seam.
Gently roll the breads from the parchment onto the stone so the seam is down and the floured side is up.
The result was a collection that exuded sensuality from every seam.
Roll up the dough lengthwise and pinch together the seam.
To do that, gouge out the caulking from the seam with a screwdriver or other pointed tool.
Pantaloons of patrolmen to have a white welt sewed into the outer seam of the leg.
Many eco-friendly homes have standing-seam metal roofs, which are low maintenance and light in color and also reflect the sun.
The yawning seam and corroded bolt conceal their defects from the mariner until the storm calls all hands to the pumps.
The skin's base layer is the subcutis, which includes a seam of fat laid down as a fuel reserve in case of food shortage.
Once cooled, the sheet could be rolled into a cylinder and soldered at the seam.
Slide your hand under dough and put it into pot, seam side up.
What caused this upheaval was simply a dress that did not have a belt, or even a seam, to mark the waistline.
Heat oil in an ovenproof skillet over medium-high heat and add chicken, seam side down.
Bicycle tire slots into bridge-grate seam, instantly throwing cyclist to the bridge deck on the top of his head.

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