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Underwater archaeology has mainly been the preserve of scuba divers.
The sensation of calm weightlessness reminded me of scuba diving.
There he picked up scuba diving, one of his many athletic pastimes.
As a scuba diver, this would give me more bottom time, and a more efficient way of doing the various stages of my dive.
His hobbies include building guitars, mountain climbing, and scuba diving.
So they got into their scuba gear, dove in with their audio equipment, and started playing the sequence.
Besides, while scuba diving is a fun approximation of free fall, it's still not the real thing.
But put on your scuba fins and you'll discover a slightly less romantic picture.
Abundant reefs and sparkling blue waters have also made the island a playground for scuba divers and snorkelers.
Harnessed up and ready to dive, the fat penguin looks as though it has its own mini scuba tank.
Of course, emperor penguins don't need scuba tanks-they are bird-world record holders at holding their breath underwater.
Around the globe people are engaging in inspiring activities to learn about the sea, from whale watching to scuba diving.
As scuba divers sink deeper underwater, the weight of the water above them creates pressure.
He works full time at a law firm and part time as a scuba instructor on the weekends.
Snorkelers and scuba divers trample on the reefs, sometimes breaking off chunks of coral as souvenirs.
Avoid loud noises or sudden pressure changes such as scuba diving, flying, or driving in the mountains until healed.
If you're lucky, you might see the scuba diver who hops in several times a day and feeds them by hand.
The kids' program includes scuba lessons in the pool.
The combination of wonder and isolation felt akin to a scuba diver's at a remote but lively reef.
Geocaching, a terrestrial-based hobby, is slowly becoming popular with scuba enthusiasts looking for a new adventure.
Outdoor activities include tennis, windsurfing and a complimentary scuba diving lesson.
Scuba diving allows divers great freedom of movement underwater.
More information on scuba diving is available on their web site or from local scuba shops in the area.
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