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Dey scream funny when me give dem wedgie and take dere lunch money.
The first thing she noticed was an unmistakable scream of yellow flashing back to her from inside the tubes.
Other customers scream at her cashier before jumping into their cars and tearing away from the station.
Faculty openly talked about how certain senior faculty liked to scream and yell and make junior people cry.
And whenever the system lurches or burps, they scream.
But more mundane issues make real-life astronauts want to scream.
They may simply yell and scream or take it a step further by violently lashing out at anyone within their reach.
Let's try and keep this stuff reasonable and not scream headlines of doom.
And next to that mirror is a megaphone to scream at everyone about it.
People get outraged, they don't agree with each other, they scream and yell.
They scream when they catch sight of our big video camera.
The gun people certainly will scream at the heavy tax on ammunition.
Bulky cameras scream tourist and make you more of a target for theft.
People scream when military related jobs are cut, hence no cut in military budgets.
Only now that they've come for the journalism jobs do the journalists scream.
Mechanical scream replaced by relatively soothing whir.
And before you scream that's unfair to minority groups or other disfranchised individuals.
The more western medias scream and holler, then the less flexibility the bureaucrats have towards a decent resolution.
Half an hour later, the sound of the turbine inside the generating station has reached a high-pitched scream.
Push notifications scream for your attention at the center of the screen.
Locked in the dark she would kick and scream against the door, a habit that she carried on into her next life.
The scream he gave out was one of utter fear and pain.
It is always those whose misdeeds are revealed that scream for the prosecution of whistle blowers.
When they see us, they scream and bury their heads in the donkey's flanks and necks.
They don't scream at meetings, apparently, or deliberately throw barbs at one another.
Everything would be quiet and then you'd hear somebody scream and you knew a shark had got him.
The skull, staring upward at eternity, seemed frozen in a silent scream.
As she tried to hold back another scream, her field of vision began to fade.
Those who were there when the scream was sounded offstage said they could still hear it decades later.
And the scream of parrots going to roost above the water.
There was the sound of a scream in the distance, and a song died away in the throat of some rude singer.
Becky said, putting out her head, and she gave a little scream.
We received these strictures with a howl of anguish and a scream of mortified vanity.
Universities will scream, scrabbling as they are for foreign students.
Then go protest, shout and scream, while others do the heavy lifting.
Implicit in his answers was the idea that he would do the cutting himself and would listen to the captive scream.
The witnesses watching on television see her writhe in pain and hear her scream.
At first the kids scream when the boat hits a wave and the fish slides toward them, mouth agape.
My idea is you yell, you scream, you pack the room and have emotional floor fights.
With this machine he hears roses scream as his neighbor cuts them.
The next morning he hears a tree scream when he cuts into it with an axe.
Maybe somebody else can scream and cry and beg for mercy, for a change.
The siren began to scream and at first he thought he was making the noise himself.
They hear an earsplitting scream from the top floor.
The group listens, but does not encourage or even permit anyone to blame, scream or rage to the group.
She tries to leave, but his approach calls to her as a primal scream.
We can find something else to scream at each other about next week.
Eager in a secret humiliating way, to come down and mingle with all the minority mobs, and scream against themselves.
His was the scream in the agitprop cathedral and people loved it.
It's that triangle inverted as you look at it from underneath with a kind of scream face.
As she collected her gear, she heard a high-pitched scream.
It takes little argumentation to get that little circuit to scream loudly.
Mailer would go inside and scream his head off, but it didn't seem to help.
When people are killed, they fight and scream and try to escape.
The noise from the release was a scream so loud that it drowned out the emergency steam whistle for five minutes.
They are also capable of making high-pitched whistles and a vary piercing, drawn-out scream.
Wave one or both hands in the air, and scream or call for help.
During the breeding season, males utter a sound similar to a human scream usually at night.
The cougar's vocalizations are a purring sound and a high scream.
The state of health care is enough to make you scream.
Sure, it's more creative than chocolate and flowers, but mental-asylum accessories don't exactly scream romance.
One of the difficulties with killing tigers is that they scream.
If lawyers see how the law is being misused, they must scream about that.
Other tabloids would scream at you with the purported indiscretions of celebrities.
They scream in terror, shout with rage, moan in pain and sob with frustration.

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