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To get a sense of the scope of this problem, take the example of mental illness.
Right now the global capitalist system is vigorously expanding in both scope and intensity.
The meaning of that was beyond the scope of the study and could have many explanations.
Making dazzling and meticulous use of her historical scope, she has written a work at once majestic and gemlike.
One can think of the scope of intelligence as represented by an elastic band.
Exactly what role the atomic bomb played will always allow some scope for conjecture.
In an instant, the scope of the dietary disaster that has since overtaken us is revealed.
All these issues, and many more besides, give almost infinite scope for argument-and for vacillation and dithering.
The scope of the national government has expanded beyond imagination, but so too have the facilities for presidential management.
How many is unknown at this point, as is the scope of e-fraud.
The scope's main mirror must hold its shape even down to temperatures near absolute zero.
Rat research is still in its infancy, but researchers are already broadening their scope in search of further insights.
The human suffering has been compared in scope to several fully loaded jumbo jets crashing each day.
The new study is more limited in scope, focusing on treatment that is easier to study and less problematic.
Food is an essential part of civilization, with a scope that ranges from the biological to the economic and cultural levels.
Its an interesting experiment but with a limited scope.
As a stereo type it suffers the same problems other stereo types suffer when applied beyond the scope of probability.
If gravity spreads in superluminal speed, it would rather imply larger scope of gravity action.
We think access to more data and a structuring of that data will accelerate in scope and complexity.
But this inconsistency may not be fatal inside of the applicability scope of particular theory.
TR should send an investigative reporter down there to get the scope.
Not that this is what one would do economically, but it shows the scope of the biofuel capability.
In both cases, the defendants used the intervening years to expand greatly the scope of their dominance.
Because it covers energy in general, its scope is far broader and more diffuse.
It hardly qualifies as something worth printing and commenting on beyond the vagueness of its scope.
Scope and standards of practice of advanced practice registered nurses.

Famous quotes containing the word scope

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In the gross and scope of mine opinion, This bodes some strange eruption to our state.... more
to fasten into order enlarging grasps of disorder, widening scope, but enjoying the freedom that Scope elud... more
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