salve in a sentence

Example sentences for salve

The pain of tooth decay leads many people to use alcohol as a salve.
It is a president's responsibility to salve a national wound.
Interest-rate cuts are a salve for debtors and a penalty on savers.
More beeswax and cocoa butter will make a stiffer salve.
Among his treatments was a salve he marketed for rashes, chicken pox and other ailments.
This, however, does little to the salve the underlying dilemma of the episode.
What's more, no pill or salve infallibly relieves it.
Through eight long years they had to salve their disappointment with marginal gains.
If this salve has traction, it is in part because of the shifting marketplace.
It was, rather, a salve for politically manipulated public anger at welfare recipients.
But those gestures are designed, knowingly or not, to salve the conscience of the public.
Yet a nakedly partisan trial would only deepen historical wounds, not salve them.
They would claim that their salve would cure all diseases.
No one really knows if, or how quickly, alternative energy sources can revive the economy and salve the planet.
The root was pounded into a paste that was used as a salve for skin.
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