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Example sentences for rudeness

Arriving empty-handed without an appointment is the height of rudeness, he grumbles.
It's easier to disarm rudeness when you've got the facts at your fingertips.
To avoid rudeness, a lift of the eyes or a muttered greeting was necessary.
Rudeness of city employees due to unappreciative public.
Thou- sands and thousands in subway, but no shoving or other rudeness.
Not as the object of dark looks or special rudeness, since everyone pushes everyone else out of the way.
The first two have been chiefly celebrated by the poets, the former as the type of rudeness, the latter of gentleness.
It is easy to accuse him of narrowness, of rudeness, of want of ideas.
Occasionally he was visited by admirers whom he turned away or treated with rudeness.
The rudeness that poetry often brings after decades of silence will help.
We can probably both agree that there are times and places for true rudeness.
There are no ideological lines to mud-slinging and rudeness, as this thread showed.
Smug rudeness on the part of skeptics hurts the cause of logic every bit as much as sloppy thinking.
And continuing to attempt to persuade, even in a friendly way, would have to eventually reach the point of rudeness.
And rudeness, as long as it is non-violent, is a venial sin.
But all of them have to be calm and friendly despite others' ignorance, rudeness, or sloppiness.
Many instructors have reviews that note disorganization, rudeness, or irrelevance.
Obviously, humans being how they are, perceived rudeness will color some people's evaluation of a tenure candidate.
The city of light has an unfortunate blight: the locals' reputation for rudeness.
They've heard it all, and rudeness and smugness will only prolong your wait.
Some of the regional salespeople have actually bordered on rudeness.
Rudeness is out, and civility is the new rule in an uncertain world.
Both were monstrously self-centred, permanently grumpy and capable of astonishing rudeness.
Some of the local staff there seem to have been hand-picked for their rudeness.
But never ventured into rudeness, even when the cameras caught him in unguarded reaction shots.
His rudeness to his admirers is one more object lesson in the futility of searching for gurus.
Resolve issues involving rudeness by a health care provider or their staff.
Rudeness or inappropriate behavior by a health care facility staff member.
The bar has limited authority to discipline lawyers for such behavior as rudeness or making a single honest mistake.
Its not worth getting fired or disciplined for rudeness.
Some complaints, such as rudeness or discourtesy, will normally be handled by the officer's supervisor or division captain.
Most citizen complaints come from traffic stops and usually involve the allegation of officer rudeness.

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