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Take the ruckus that has erupted over the demise of the dinosaurs.
Don't intentionally cause a ruckus and then complain about the ruckus.
As usually they make ruckus push the migrants out and then eventually they will migrate back.
Diving from limb to limb, gabbling excitedly, they set up a menacing ruckus.
Not all alien species are from deep space, and not all alien invasions raise a ruckus.
Amazing how a little phase change can cause such a ruckus.
They came to raise a ruckus here this afternoon, to hoot and holler and cut the rug.
Although the generals did not triumph in the courtroom, they caused a ruckus in the world outside.
Villagers in the area awoke last night to quite a ruckus, thinking that an earthquake was underway.
Kim noticed the ruckus so he walked to the top step, lifted his arms and pumped them toward the fans.
When the ruckus was over, the protesters had what they had wanted: a unanimous vote by the board to call off the hand counting.
Uncommunicative, she may actually have been drowned out by the ruckus of a family that never stopped yapping and complaining.
If the fishing is slow you can cause a ruckus with a couple pieces of bread thrown at one of the hungry ducks or geese.
They did so, however, in such unpleasant and bitter terms that the ruckus threatened to explode anew.
As little as they are, spot are causing a big ruckus.
Id rather be safe flying than cause a huge ruckus about nothing.
Make a ruckus if you have to, but be careful to not let anger alienate those you are trying to convert.
While your being screened and complaining and causing a ruckus they are watching you and could be right behind you.
It's that first one that is the real source of all the ruckus.

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Why must it always end this way? A dais with woman reading, with the ruckus of her hair And all that is uns... more
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