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Such a translation would be dangerous for a surgeon seeking technical background in a foreign tongue for some risky new operation.
As risks go, this one might not be as risky as it seems at face value.
Because it is only rarely denominated in their own currencies, foreign debt can be risky for developing countries.
The economy has not too much debt but rather too much risky debt: safe debt right now sells at unbelievably high prices.
The bank had gone in for all manner of risky proprietary trading.
And corporate pensions, once viewed as guaranteeing a prosperous and anxiety-free retirement, are starting to look risky too.
Tall buildings-which take years to put up-can be risky investments.
Spin-offs are solely reliant on the markets to continue funding them, which is a risky proposition if you study history.
Transporting works of art across countries and continents is still a risky undertaking.
Its reasoning was that a prolonged jury trial would be risky whatever the merits of its case.
Geo-engineering may turn out to be too risky, however much is spent on researching it.
But those companies were involved in investment banking, an inherently risky business.
Investors are more wary of risky entrepreneurial ventures as a result of the economic downturn.
It has always been a bad design: expensive, inherently risky and-as two fatal accidents have demonstrated-unsafe.
Some categories of risky loans, for example to private-equity firms, have been written down.
The bundling of risky loans into complex securities was attractive for many firms precisely because they had low capital charges.
With the decision-making areas of their brains still developing, teenagers show poor judgment in risky situations.
Now scientists find that those with one type of risky gene may also need to catch a virus to trigger the disease.
Too much self selection, fuzzy questions and risky interpretation for my liking.
First, it has been established that regulating a risky behavior only encourages more of that behavior.
The article claims that hedge funds are too complex or risky for ordinary investors.
Inundated with proposals, agencies tend to favor worthy but incremental research over risky but potentially transformative work.
It's risky being a top predator, he notes, because your existence depends on a stable amount of prey.
Returning home after relocation is a risky, arduous journey.
Improvisation on the road, though risky, brings surprising rewards.
Needless to say, this is also a risky technique but can remove dust that wasn't removed by other methods.
Foraging can be a risky business: in some municipalities, it's not allowed in public parks.
Electric fencing now surrounds calving lots in many risky areas.
No filter will remove every contaminant, in part because the list of risky chemicals keeps growing.
To slap a branded ad on a piece of user-generated content in the site's early days, frankly, was a risky business proposition.
It's a risky and challenging procedure as researchers have to design an implant that won't damage the eye.
Sending students to study overseas is an inherently risky proposition.
The risky combination of big money and hastily written employment agreements can pose a major problem for colleges.
The topics may be less risky, and the adviser may want more than the appropriate share of credit.
Silence and withdrawal were easier, less risky, and less painful to remember than social errors.
Using humor in your job talk can be risky, but if it comes naturally to you, go ahead and be funny.
But great administrators have the courage to make those risky decisions, nevertheless.
Besides being generally rude and intrusive, it's definitely risky on other grounds.
Become a leader on committees, and sponsor risky proposals that have the potential to change your campus for the better.
Although they are somewhat risky from year to year, historically they return much more than a money market fund.
Risky calls pay off on another crazy college football weekend.
Ex-Countrywide exec heads firm buying risky mortgages.
In olden days, with limited navigational aids and in seas rife with marauding cutthroats, either trip was risky business.
My surmise is that smoking marijuana is more risky than eating it but still safer than getting drunk.
But it's a risky game, this betting on contemporary authors.
They tend to avoid a risky decision even if it is the best alternative.
Adventurous foreign policymaking, for them, is a risky proposition.
As long as the government casually stands behind the entire mortgage market, the moral hazard to create risky loans can return.
Risky, costly foreign policy decisions can not simply be taken to express moral outrage.
With ample funding for these risky mortgages, more were created and the subprime mortgage bubble began growing.
Hiring someone who has previously made more is risky: they may be malcontent.
By all accounts, foraging for mushrooms is a risky way to put food on the dinner table.
The result was a speculative boom, with foreign capital pouring into risky investments.
To begin with, let's not underestimate how politically risky they are.
It was a risky move, since it wasn't clear if this approach would make the building look more dignified or even sillier.
While catheterizing a heart is expensive and sometimes risky, echocardiograms are a snap.
There was no risk in taking on bad securities, and the mortgage industry was pressured by the feds to make more risky loans.
Other scientists have suggested that this gap in timing explains why teens are so prone to risky and impulsive behaviours.
It's not exactly a revelation that smoking is risky and get riskier the more you do it.
Other, noninvasive tests such as cardiac ultrasound are less risky, but not as accurate.
For instance, many implant patients continue to outlive their batteries and require costly and risky replacement surgery.
It's risky to start enhancement projects knowing that the price of oil may drop.
For power companies, choosing to build a nuclear plant is thus an extremely risky decision, especially in tough financial times.
Still, it's a risky strategy, since it departs from established processes.
Lack of guaranteed safety and risky innovative measures are sufficient to cause cancellation of nuclear plant installation.
Inner peace is a risky emotional state for a comedian.
He was also not above entering into risky, tax-sheltered oil and gas deals with much smaller investors.
The moment when a definitive biography appears would seem to be especially risky for the fortunes of any writer.
It is inherently risky, with the risks usually resulting from factors that are improbable or cannot be foreseen.
Of course, there's much more to the lyric than risky subject matter.
The first is risky and the second may not produce results.
But they are not the type of immediate threat that spurs risky political decisions.
Maybe he had reasons for the risky priority he followed.
Yet the company stuck with its risky strategy of fighting those claims on a case-by-case basis, and began winning.

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