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Her outraged widower spurred a protest that escalated into a riot.
Three days earlier, riot police had broken up the first pockets of protest.
The riot police charge, and bystanders hide in their doorways.
And that needs to be looked into for a longterm solution to this shortlived riot.
Experts say anticipation and law-enforcement planning can help control riot situations.
All the seeds germinated, resulting in a riot of wildflowers.
They could have responded in such a crackdown that no one would dare riot after the first day.
They were still more of a riot than a movement-a faceless, leaderless mob growing daily as new adherents flocked in.
Thousands of police officers have put away riot gear and returned to routine patrols.
They arrived along with state troopers who were wearing riot gear and armed with tear gas.
Surrounded by riot troops, the protesters stood their ground in peace.
They riot in the streets inflamed with wild notions.
There are a lot of little details that come out in dialog or in the imagery that pay homage, and are often a riot to read or see.
No doubt, vanloads of riot police lining the roads give would-be protesters pause for thought.
The gang of colorful misfits start a riot at a street fair and eat all the concession food.
The results are closer than you might think, but the video itself is a riot.
In two cases, riot police were sent in to clear them.
Then, the protesters link arms and chant, and the riot cops come in with pepper spray and batons.
The word one might choose to describe this riot of enthusiasms and contradictions would be promiscuous.
The guiding principle of riot operations is to meet the threat as soon as possible with overwhelming strength.
The result is instigation of a riot to obtain goals through illegitimate means.
Immediately following the riot there was extensive newspaper coverage of the riot, and coverage continued for months after.

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