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The first was that a much-heralded revolt of the centre faded abruptly.
If so, turning pirate might have been his way of escaping punishment when the revolt failed.
Normal people have been too busy working and playing to closely follow the past day's online revolt.
Spence, however, says the evidence suggests to him the fires were set during an internal revolt.
Only change will come with revolt and revolution in such a tyrant situation.
Maybe it's a revolt against the cars our parents drove.
Of course, given the state of the world, that revolt may be meaningless.
The troupe distilled and energized the milieu of anomie, satirizing the lame old regime in a triumphant revolt.
Perhaps the yankees could have supplied and funded such a revolt.
Don't expect much from new grad students either, barring some general revolt in society.
If that means loads of overlays, pre-roll and post-roll advertising, users might revolt.
In fact, many have argued that colonizers are unethical and the colonized should always revolt.
Now it could instigate a big revolt of backbenchers.
Its ideology is paradoxical, advocating revolt as a means of preserving the status quo.
If there were economic causes of that revolt, they probably had a long gestation.
Though the protests have been mainly peaceful, armed revolt may be brewing.
The catalysts for revolt are common: restricted liberties, rising food costs, and high unemployment.
Then the question will be whether they decide to revolt and mount a violent opposition suddenly or more gradually.
We come now to that section of the literature of the period which represents a revolt against established religious themes.
These successes in the various departments of intellectual activity were all due to an instinctive revolt against colonialism.
The alternatives are not placid servitude on the one hand and revolt against servitude on the other.
One knot was to be untied each day, and the revolt would begin on the day the last one was untied.
The revolt by the five kulak volost's must be suppressed without mercy.

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