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For its return-on-investment rankings, the company uses a nonrandom, self-reported sample of earnings.
Corporations that design facilities to minimize their environmental impact may earn a financial return, too.
Consumers who can't return a product to the manufacturer can turn to recyclers.
People are writing about this record as your return to form, and in only five years.
But graduate students aren't necessarily seeking financial return on an investment.
Those are the first words that come to mind to describe my return.
It's a look at the return of those potentially deadly diseases from the perspective of a patient, who happened to be me.
Please make sure to apply appropriate postage to the return envelope.
The junction zones mark a local return of the original form: three polypeptide chains in a helical formation.
Return to pan and simmer briefly with a pinch of sugar, salt, and pepper.
Worse, the copyright system safeguards software without creating any new knowledge in return.
Return the old car battery to the retailer selling you the new one.
Humanity has yet to reach the point of no return when it comes to catastrophic climate change, according to new calculations.
Those left behind waited for hours for the helicopter to return.
They don't require pinching, return year after year, and have strong stems that don't break under early snow loads.
How much simpler and cheaper it would be if one vehicle could accomplish the same task and return intact, again and again.
The myth was that if you ate enough, you'd surely return.
Those charged particles can excite atoms in the ionosphere, which emit light as they return to their unexcited state.
Typically several hundred thousand adult fish return from the sea to the river in the fall.
Return the mixtures to the preserves' original jars.
If you remove the acid the water returns to neutral, if you return the water to neutral you can return it to supply.
But, before you proceed consider these planning checklists for the best return on your dollars and your dreams.
Males abandon social groups when food is scarce and return to territories where they were reared by their mothers.
If it becomes sticky as you work, return it to the refrigerator to firm up again.
Leopard slugs tend to return to the same place every night.
Many sabbatical contracts include that you must return to the university or repay the salary.
Others talk of leaving their car with the battery fully charged, only to return an hour or two later to find it flat.
Researchers have long wondered whether migratory birds return to their birthplace to breed.
Return the soup to the pan and stir often over medium heat until hot.
He plans to take a year's leave of absence and then return.
It makes little sense to return art to places that cannot or will not take good care of it.
If for any reason your purchase does not satisfy you, simply return the item for a prompt full refund or exchange.
The feat also set a second record: fastest return migration of any known marine animal.
He shook our hands and left, taking the mules, with a promise to return in two days.
Amid the bright leaves and crisp air, the return to school is bracing.
The sharks return annually to these same grounds, and the researchers return with them.
It is supposed to return to what it does best-going where no one has gone before.
Return first batch of zucchini to pan and sprinkle with lemon juice.
They would work closely with diplomats, then return to their labs and remain on call for special projects for another five years.
He continued to return regularly to his hometown, however.
Visitors are encouraged to return to see these national treasures of modern and abstract art.
Then, when you get away you still have the option to return if you want.
They will soon return to recover what may be a fragment of the cosmic object.
Simply slowing the rotation or cooling the gear would return it to normal operation.
It's best to return to the home page briefly, then return to the article to confirm comment posting.
If dough gets too soft to cut neatly, return it briefly to the freezer.
Experts suggest that trying to return to some semblance of ordinary daily life is vital.
With a good night's sleep, tired eyes should quickly return to normal.
He has tried to return home, he says, but no one will take him.
The lady said it would die back and return this spring.
The club members are at the county fair right now, and when they return, they will have lots of goats with full udders.
All three are fairly strenuous because of the steep return climb.
They thus allowed a system to develop where bank executives used return on equity as their target measure.
It would be even more regrettable if they were to return to picking winners.
Better they return well-adjusted rather than hardened and still addicted.
The continued absence of her husband seemed to prove that his return was no longer to be expected.
Combine by pouring hot mixture slowly on egg mixture, return to double boiler, and cook until it thickens.
The two brothers mount it alternately on their return from the infernal regions.
The topic: evaluating the return-on-investment of student recruitment during a tough economy.
Maybe someone will miss you and you'll be more appreciated when you return.
And if that happens, the rubber band will never return to its original shape.
But rather than being a clinical failure, the patient's return to hospital heralded the treatment's success.
If she stops taking her medication, the cancer will return.
Excess power during winter months will be sold into the grid, so the return on their investment gets even better.
Keyword searches, for example, return many hits but offer a poor sense of overall trends.
And sometimes they return to the nest--a return that parents greet with joy and not so much joy.
The compensation for his lost utility, of course, is the investment's return.
But there are many reasons to doubt the durability of the economic turnaround, and the speed with which jobs will return.
The incredibly large amount of investment in real estate during the boom years will not return.
During retraining they would also exit the workforce in a meaningful way and return with better skills to fill a job opening.
How to survive the return of the world's dirtiest fossil fuel.
Melding humans and machines to help the paralyzed walk, the mute speak, and the near-dead return to life.
You'd think the return of blemishes on your face would be an unwelcome thing.
And now there is mounting evidence that the chill could return.
He said he had been too busy since then to return for a check of his hormone levels.
After scouts return from casing possible sites, they dance.
As of now, no implantable is able to return all function back to the diseased nervous system.
The students were asking me to justify the return on investment in a college education.
But after a few months the rift would inevitably heal and the friendship return to good standing.
It was as if he had come home on leave and was away for a few days or weeks, and the room was awaiting his return.
They hunker down, cut spending, and wait for good times to return.
If you return you have three choices: flee, sit in prison or shut up.
Some public employees may yet wait awhile to see which way the wind is blowing before heeding the calls to return to work.
But when they return home, with the colt in tow, they find themselves launched into a world of trouble.
W hen deciding where to invest your money, you weigh the potential return against the risk.
License and tax a lot of this activity and return money to the taxpayers.
But now the rise of open-source hardware is paving the way for a return of build-it-yourself electronics.
The materials return specific frequencies of light when struck by a laser beam.
If it is bent or otherwise strained, thus deranging the polymers, they will naturally return to their ordered state.
In return the professors or developer gets a great job offer, the oil company gets free technology and taxpayers get no royalties.
In return, the volunteers will receive personalized traffic information on their cell phones.
Slowly, life will return to something resembling normality.
When the scouts return, they perform dances that describe their findings: this is the influx of new information.
And that translates into longer missions with a better scientific return.
He realised that if one of the pair were to cross the event horizon, it could never return.
Perhaps the problem is the gains from these technologies are too marginal to provide a return if physicians are reimbursed.
Add zucchini and butternut squash to broth and return to a simmer.
Return pasta to pot, then toss with reserved sauce and cooking water.
Drain beans in a sieve set over a bowl, reserving cooking liquid, and return beans to pot.
Stir in vanilla and remaining cup cream, then return vanilla pod to mixture.
Add cilantro stems, then carefully add half of crabs using tongs and return to a boil.
Whisk cornstarch into broth, then stir into onion mixture and return to a boil, stirring.
Fold a few times to incorporate, then reshape into a ball and return to lightly floured bowl.
Return sauce to a simmer and carefully add all meats and juices.
Return wine reduction to pan and add tomato water and saffron.
Return soup to pot and reheat over moderately low heat, stirring frequently and thinning soup as desired with additional water.
Transfer shrimp with a slotted spoon to a bowl of ice and cold water to stop cooking, then return shrimp cooking water to a boil.
Lower heat, return pan to stove, and stir regularly for an hour.
Return to work surface with short side of triangle nearest you.
Find a tax professional you trust to prepare and e-file your return.
By extending the time to file your income tax return.
If the return is selected for examination, it will be examined as soon as possible.
Your return may be examined for a variety of reasons, and the examination may take place in any one of several ways.
Filing a past due return may not be as difficult as you think.
The return and remittance are due on or before the twentieth day of the month following the month during which tax is accrued.
It lends you a dime and asks for a dollar in return.
Grange, in any case, managed to avoid talking to me by promising to return my calls and then not doing so.
He encourages fitness, health, and rapid return to activity.
When this bees' nest goes to trial, the circus will return to town.
We identified with people merely going off to work, never to return.
T he swirling question is if, and when, he will return to golf.
She settled out of court, handing over the deed in return for her furs and some cash.

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