retaliation in a sentence

Example sentences for retaliation

Tying a long string to a rock, he aimed his slingshot and shot a hive high in a tree, well out of reach of immediate retaliation.
Is she using the bathroom in the house as retaliation against me or is she confused about who is now dominant.
Some faculty members see the complaint as retaliation.
Possible employer retaliation is always a concern when dealing with unionization.
In that regard, you are safe from their retaliation.
If humans are involved in the decisions, there is always the possibility of favoritism and retaliation in the awards.
My administrative withdrawal was a clear case of retaliation.
No air strikes were called in retaliation on the nearby villages.
Conversely, the winner can afford to get really dominant, as the threat of retaliation has receded.
Being able to threaten credible retaliation makes co-operation possible.
And resulted in severe retaliation tariffs and trade restrictions shutting down world commerce.
Widespread protection would surely meet with retaliation from abroad.
Thereafter it may escalate, with even harsher laws and further retaliation.
All attacks will invite retaliation and have the potential to escalate.
What the butterflies do in retaliation is anyone's guess.
The threat of retaliation makes defection much less likely to pay.
Indeed, many workplaces become dysfunctional because of outrage and retaliation against flyspeck and even imagined slights.
It should surely be in place before our retaliation begins.
Anyone engaging in retaliation is subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

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