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If true, it is a result that would change the world.
The result is that almost two-thirds of the university's total tuition revenue comes from one-third of its students.
If the new result is confirmed, however, it should be able to do so.
Mirages are a direct result of photons taking the path of minimum time in vertical temperature gradients.
Methylmercury from the coast or surface, however, likely would be the result of industrial pollution.
By all accounts the result was a rich, full-flavored oil with a natural sweetness unobscured by bitter compounds from the pits.
The result was a conflagration lasting nearly four days.
The result would be immediate cuts in programs and personnel.
Colleges might benefit from the same sort of mandatory scrutiny-and the same result.
If that result applies to people as well as rodents, it opens up a whole avenue of possibility.
Some showed slight damage near the feet, probably the result of ancient robbers rummaging for riches, experts said.
Humoral immune responses result in the production of antibodies that are specific to a foreign antigen.
The result is meat that is juicier and a little more tender than nature made it.
The result was inconsistency across browsers, screwing things up for web developers and end users alike.
But scans are easily misinterpreted and can result in misdiagnoses leading to unnecessary or even harmful treatments.
They are the logical result of a system that pushes professors toward other concerns.
It was the result of a bungle: a bureaucratic rule-change misleadingly announced and over-excitedly reported.
These ways of life result in landscapes and regions with a distinctive appearance.
It makes sense that disabling pain would prevent regular exercise routine and weight gain may result also depressing.
Where two names are listed for a district, the result is in doubt.
More people result in more demand for wood, which leads to cutting, perhaps in excess of the amount that grows annually.
However, it is also a result of the incentives created by the sheer size of some churches.
The ailment may be in part the result of the stresses imposed on hives by this uniquely modern system.
His team of experts found that the ship's demise was self- inflicted--likely the result of a coal bunker fire.
The result is a sturdy structure that's unfazed by the freeze-and-thaw cycles that cause mortar to crumble.
That's what we'll get sooner rather than later as a result of the writers strike.
The opposition is launching a legal challenge to the presidential election result.
Craters are the result of impacts by asteroids, comets and meteorites.
The result is a curious series of portraits-the only surviving of the empress.
On a purely objective level, the lack of activity on the exchange is the result of trading becoming fully electronic.
Part of the damage has been a result of levees failing as they cope with water levels higher than anticipated.
McDowell, however, thought there was a chance that an operation could result in a complete cure.
Among the home's defects was poor circulation as a result of bedrooms that functioned as hallways.
But the result was a collapse of confidence in the banking system.
Studies have shown that automated systems result in major decreases in toll plaza delays and air pollution.
The result is a community that is unique yet increasingly connected with the rest of the globe.
Noncompliance will result in disqualification and an alternate winner being selected.
In my view it is more likely that depression in many cases is the result of a sensitive brain.
The result is the look of nature without the upkeep of a whole pond ecosystem.
The result is a fractured market with prices that vary wildly by region.
If this has been experimented then your result are excellent.
Overwatering or summer drought can result in partial leaf drop.
The result is a pleasant, cushioned bounce that provides a surprising amount of air time.
The result is a bathroom that's both elegant and rustic.
The result is highly intelligent and livable homes that appeal to both eco-conscious and tech savvy lifestyles.
The result is a sheltered but almost seamless house that resembles an airy garden pavilion.
Frequent pinching and shortening of growth in early years will result in stronger, denser plant.
The result is a piece that's eco-conscious and stylish.
The result is a garden that feels both peaceful and playful.
The result is a normal-height countertop that's easily supported by standard cabinets.
It's easier to make than you might think, and the end result is irresistible.
The result is a lush but environmentally sustainable, conversation-starting centerpiece in her garden.
These are typically benign but result in intense pain and may not seem innocuous at the time.
The result was a flood of garbage that could not be stemmed.
Besides being primitive, a pinhole camera is cheap, and it almost guarantees an unusual result.
As a result the state is an astonishing blend of cultures.
The result is that you can start a company today for a tiny fraction of what people spent five years ago.
These welcome trends, however, are at risk as a result of a law that began life in the commission itself.
The result can be a rapid boost in food production and farm incomes, commonly called a green revolution.
The ensuing public outcry would almost certainly result in the law being rewritten in favour of scientific advancement.
In one sense, the obesity crisis is the result of simple math.
Genetic testing can detect cancer-predisposing mutations, but a positive result gives only an estimated risk.
The result is a refreshing display of thoughtful pairings and juxtapositions, including works by some lesser-known artists.
The qualitative result is not surprising and is entirely consistent with previous findings in similar studies.
As a result the city was ill prepared for the unexpected quake.
Fatal consequences can and do result when officers fail to detect a secreted weapon which is later used against them.
They suggest both are the result of natural selection for enhanced brainpower.
But the phone calls don't often result in book contracts with leading scholars.
Instead if the following approach is utilized a better result is attained.
The end result is a great variety of buttons, necklaces, bracelets and frames.
The result is a unique animal's-eye view of their lives.
The result should be a stack with all five maps in alignment and all five regions demarcated by the students visible at once.
Rusting of ballast tanks as a result of exposure to seawater is a big problem for the shipping industry.
The result of all the work: a stunning building, inside and out.
Noncompliance or return of prize notification as undeliverable will result in disqualification and selection of another winner.
Many stories have been told as a result of these investigations-many remain to be told.
But add some false color produced by satellite sensors, and the result is stunning.
As a result, every plant was chosen for its deer-resistance.
These recipes come together differently, but they share a result: spicy, fork-tender meat.
If you put a whole rainbow of hues into a pot, the result is chaos.
The sweeter, riper fruit-and higher alcohol levels that result-overpower subtler flavors.
The result: a flaky, cooked texture and a deep, smoky flavor.
As a result, papayas of one variety or another are available here year-round.
The result is a billowy, rich dessert that belies its simplicity.
As a result, all species inhabit bodies imperfect for the lives they live.
One result: the fighting atop the limestone produced casualties at almost five times the rate of the fighting atop the dolomite.
It began right here in the pages of this magazine, and you should be able to see the result in theaters this summer.
The likely result is that more consumers will turn to rail for domestic travel.
They were also crawling over a pile of pine branches that came down as a result of a storm.
As a result, they were banned from ever flying in space again.
Be satisfied with success in even the smallest matter, and think that even such a result is no trifle.
It is not the name of the action, but the result of the action, which is the chief concern.
No one as a result of those letters was even frightened, let alone suffering any great calamity.
The same result has followed from keeping together different varieties of the medicinal leech.
Our army needs complete reorganization,-not merely enlarging,-and the reorganization can only come as the result of legislation.
The result was that the dominant imitative tendencies almost succeeded in stifling in them all original utterance.
The same result is obtained for rays of light advancing in any other direction whatsoever.
Also, a growing body of research suggests that minimal or no footwear will result in fewer running injuries.
The result: a simple, surefire way to detect impurities in pharmaceutical drugs and medical supplies.
As a result, there are a wide range of capabilities to be found in today's selection of studio software.
These slight changes would result in areas currently being slightly to cold for certain crops to be better producing areas.
As a result, its other functions have received little attention.
Seems to me that the pursuit of such feelings will simply result in surrendering one s life to blind evolutionary dictates.
Because this is an indirect result, it is not rigorous proof.
Wrinkle formation as a result of intrinsic aging is inevitable, but it will always be slight.
But the older participants' slower response times were not all the result of a decline in skills.
Still other problems result when a bug allows information to be written into a memory buffer that is too small to accept it.
These ordered arrangements result in the basic symmetrical, hexagonal shape of the snowflake.
In humans, such levels would result in only mild bleeding.
As a result, they have used up all their ammunition tackling the current crisis.
As a result, manufacturers are actively looking for new ways to reduce the energy consumption of their displays.
People in such a state have serious brain damage as a result of an accident or stroke.
As a result, there is a limit to the amount that can be invested in these approaches before they start to distort the market.
The political implications of the result are different for each of the main three parties.
As a result, advertisers are having to throw larger dollops of money at those shows that can hold on to big audiences.
Half-measures will result in a new equilibrium, but one that is still too heavy.
Policy will drift as a result, with little progress battling corruption, inequality and unemployment.
Individually, each team's result could be a statistical fluke.
The inevitable result of these trends is a decline in performance, which is arguably already under way.
The result was a wide-ranging and thought-provoking conversation.
As a result, the number of responses received for different survey questions varies.
But it is also the result of a culture that encourages managed risk.
As a result, there is a whole generation of people killing themselves to meet a standard that is impossible.
Any slight change in wind speed or air pressure can result in a failure to launch.
Failure to provide such releases upon request may result in disqualification and selection of an alternate winner.
Such hot days usually occur in the summer and, as a result, tend to impact early nesting penguins.
Natural hazards are the result of physical processes that affect humans every day.
As a result, modern humans may have simply outbred their heavy-browed rivals.
The large hail that often precedes tornadoes forms as a result of the intense updraft feeding the thunderstorm.
The result is a sleek, modern dessert that shows off all twelve layers.
We weren't sure what would result from pouring an egg-and-yogurt mixture over a gratin of potatoes.
But the main reason to grill is the result: a burnished mahogany-colored bird with tender, moist meat.
Flavored oils, marinades, and compound butters add flavor and result in better surface browning.
Poor conditions, she says, are often the result of poor management.
The result, a cross between a cookie and a cake, is neither too sweet nor too tart.
The result is a thick revelation that's best sipped from a snifter or chalice.
The result is a great gulf of understanding between the people who produce food and those who eat it.
The end result didn't taste too bad, but the fermented liquid was overly sweetened when it went into the bottle.
The result isn't as thick as a regular shake, but it is rich and effervescent and candy-land sweet-essence of soda fountain.
He contorts his mouth and tightens his lips, but the result is more of a grimace than anything else.
Its sharp, delightful flavor is the result of a special blending job.
Growers are still sorting out which locations and agricultural techniques will result in successful crops.
Use of any bot or automated system to participate is prohibited and will result in disqualification.
The result is meat that is easily scooped off the bone in soft hunks.
Daintier sandwiches result if the crusts are trimmed off.
Not all appearances of name-brand items in movies result from product placement.
As a result of the new regulation, debit could fade away altogether.
It's a result of people making choices based on incentives they perceive.
As a result, loans were given to borrowers who could not repay, and ultimately defaulted.
As a result, there is not the imminent threat of a rapid collapse as there is with a banking crisis.
As a result, students often go on to become volunteers and coaches for new students.
The rest of the revision is mostly accounted for in the worse result of net exports.
Some of this was, no doubt, the result of the state's business climate.
It's possible that the other survey, which indicated a better result, is more accurate.
If a specific domino falls over and deep, cascading losses may result, then more capital needs to be held.
The manic episodes may slow down as a result of the natural aging process.
But while this study is an important result in the literature, it is not an isolated one.
First, she enjoys instant recognition on a national level as a result of her career as a public figure.
The only fantastic thing about it is the idea of making as many pictures as would result from its use.
Actually using them in non-lab environments, such as deserts or mountains, can result in a higher rate of unexploded ordinance.
But lacking information on pay could result in workers making less money than they should be.
The result could be battery systems half to a third the size of conventional ones.
The result is a tin-silver alloy that contains a dispersion of iron particles tens of micrometers in diameter.
And the laws of physics are essentially the result of symmetry.
Much more efficient solar cells may soon be possible as a result of technology that more efficiently captures and uses light.
It seems too likely to result in both the wrong direction and the wrong magnitude of momentum transfer.
And as a result of increased automation over the last few years, labor costs are going down.
As a result, the actual information in a paper is often rather low.
It struck me then and it strikes me now that the result is being over-interpreted.
As a result, the team observed a reduced level of progesterone production.
However, a gearbox failure tends to result in more downtime overall since it is much more difficult to replace.
The majority of collisions will result in this partial deflection instead of reflection.
Probably a little late to comment on this, but the parameters are likely the result of the game they chose.
The brain appears to try to make up for this loss of input by increasing activity, which may in turn result in phantom sounds.
As a result, the chemical complex starts emitting at two different wavelengths.
The result has sent a ripple of excitement through the physics community.
The result has been a genuine revolution in economic productivity.
Behind this strange result is a branch of mathematics called topology, the study of shape.
Some of this may be the result of simple inertia, but our hesitancy to change is also driven by our aversion to loss.
If the economy suffers as a result, it'll be what a soccer fan might call the biggest own goal in history.
As a result, policymakers persistently underestimated the severity of the crisis.
The result is fascinating-although perhaps not entirely in the ways that its author intended.
The result is a kind of literary bifurcation, or splitting of the authorial self.
The result was rambling, surreal, and sometimes darkly comic.
The result is a forty-three-story paradox: an understated palazzo.
The result takes itself much too seriously, with acts of brutality outnumbering the gags.
The result of all this has been some genuinely surprising scientific findings.
We remember the dead, as more die every day as a result of his example.
As a result, the agency's ability to catch problems early usually comes down to chance.
The result, six months in, has a whiff of theme-park elegant.
He warned once more that the final result would be the result of much wrangling from many stakeholders.
History is full of leaders who cannot bear the result of their sittings.
The result, slimy with unfeasible plotting, will gratify those who sniff out all politics as a conspiratorial murk.
As usual, we'll need to have other scientists either confirm this result using other equipment, or show where things went wrong.
Apparently the national media is reporting that scientific genealogy may result in leads to a cold case.
For them, the loss of insulin-producing beta cells in their pancreas tends to be gradual, a result of overworking the cells.
They may look simple, but our red blood cells are the sophisticated result of evolution.
Gene imprinting, he proposed, is the result of the evolutionary struggle between mothers and fathers for reproductive success.
Stressors that last less than a few hours tend to sharpen memory, mostly as a result of adrenaline.
As a result, she believes, the current methods for cleaning wastewater generated by fracking are woefully inadequate.
It usually takes many years to reach a result of the importance that theirs appears to be.
Of more significance is the fact that the new result tells us a lot more about how primes are distributed.
These are disabilities that are a result of the advance of civilization.
While investigating what kind of gruesome end might result, they have stumbled upon a few surprises.
Both events might also have been the result of their move away from plant foods.
Even within the domain of medicine procreation is more than the result of an act between two consenting adults.
Some of this is the result of its shortsightedness about every aspect of the war, beginning with its nature and duration.
First, avoid excess salt, which can result in excessive water retention.
So powerful was the behavioral message emanating from the top that the result at the bottom was sometimes predatory chaos.
From that day on, his hair had grown in white as a result of the gamma radiation.
Yet you quickly realize it is highly controlled-every detail is the result of meticulous labor.
There are actors who feel the need to have a little drink before they go onstage, and they probably act worse as a result of it.
Many new launches were said to be the result of owners who had commissioned yachts before the crisis and were in too deep to stop.
As a result, much of his career has been spent struggling to raise financing and butting heads with executives.
As a result, the vehicle may not accelerate as quickly as the driver expects.
She was told this is a degenerative disease that will result in blindness.
Ignoring the standards will result in your comment being removed.
The images may be either of parts of the body or of things outside the body, but in general, perception is the result of mapping.
Eleanor was nine when he died, the result of driving his carriage into a lamppost and being thrown to the street.
The same is true of my torso, with the result that backache from inertia and pressure is a chronic irritation.
Chronic myeloid leukemia occurs as the result of a single genetic accident.

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