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The department has thirteen clinical faculty members, eight resident physicians, and nine medical physicists.
If a resident does not have a job, a caseworker tries to help him get one.
Birds in the southern portion of range are resident.
The fungi project their spores away from the resident dung because cows will not eat near feces.
Now, nearly two years after the redesign, the oak is recovering nicely and the resident deer are coexisting with the plants.
Nor did she quote a single student or a single resident of the target neighborhood she visited.
So, while a proton has three resident quarks, it also plays host to a lot of short-term visitors.
Others might visit a neighboring community or join the resident historian for a historical and archaeological tour of the area.
Invasive species can decrease biodiversity and drive resident species to the brink of extinction.
These resident pests find landscaped suburban lawns much more pleasant than subarctic tundra.
And you must be a resident and a utility customer to get rebates.
The support of an area's current resident base is a lot more valuable than its potential future resident base.
Spring migration: spring and fall migration difficult to detect in some areas with resident populations.
Every alp also has a resident herd of pigs-which generally don't make it into those alpine travel posters.
For some reason, the neighborhood's resident sapsuckers almost never use my suet feeder.
Resident specialists invite guests into the field to learn about the rehabilitation of gorillas and chimps.
Migration: resident birds complicate detection of migrants in some areas.
One resident complained to the press that he could not use the toilet without power for water pumps.
You'll visit the onsite museum and hear a brief lecture about the gorge from the resident anthropologist.
Our resident indie-travel expert spills the five secrets travel publishers would rather keep hushed up.
One settling pond even had a resident alligator, he recalled.
In addition, she works with our resident marine biologist in the study of ocean flora and fauna.
The extent of their dependence on their resident bacteria is such that many ocean vent species lack mouths and guts.
As long as he keeps pushing, it will be a while before any of the resident males works up the nerve to confront him.
But nothing short of actually seeing a resident of the belt would convince astronomers that it really existed.
They manipulated mice so that some had no resident bacteria, and others had low levels of diversity.
Let's see if that hoses up our resident conspiracy spouting computer program for a while.
The biggest hurdle-finding a permanent resident willing to hold power of attorney for foreign owners-will remain.
Dispersal: generally resident, but large irruptions casually occur in fall and winter.
Unless a resident asks to be omitted, each apartment gets a call each morning to make sure all is well.
Usually, scientists must trek into the field to study the resident spider community.
He says the birds have apparently been leaving the resident's yard and disrupting neighbors.

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