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One odd remnant of the time that higher ed was cheap is the notion that college years represent an extended adolescence.
One possible remnant of that culture is the numerous stone tools in the cave where the skeleton was found.
Remnant pine trees found there are now providing the seeds of recovery.
So since quasars didn't occur around the big bang, it's probably some remnant of the clouds.
If there was a remnant population of dinosaurs alive today, someone would have noticed by now.
But even these remnant populations still support fisheries and could, perhaps, flourish again.
Fermented anchovies are probably a remnant of that old tradition.
The fingers pressed against remnant wall sections between the great windows.
So much energy develops in such a little space that eventually the whole thing blows up, leaving no remnant behind.
The structures were not preserved bacteria or some other remnant.
We'll have remnant patches and call them national parks and wildlife refuges.
Come on world, rid yourself of this remnant of the bad old days of the cold war.
It was an envelope with a check inside, a remnant of some larger fantasy-style number labeled gross pay.
My hefty tax refund is going towards paying off some more remnant grad school debt.
Others even speculate that remnant populations might still be living.
Local farmer stands would be a vestigial remnant of old style markets.
The vexing remnant of the old-fashioned had to be swept away.
In the middle of the cove was a floating door, a remnant from hurricane season.
Rental kiosks at supermarkets and drug stores, with limited selections, are the remnant of that business.
The actual worker is the day-remnant, which determines how the expenditure is to be made.
The basis of remnant space advertising is that media companies rarely sell all of their advertising space.
The rounded remnant of a sunken volcanic caldera, it attracts hundreds of species of fish and other marine life.
But until now they had no clear view of when a supernova becomes a remnant.
Ponds and meadowlands share the domain with wetlands, lowland forests and remnant dunes and prairies.
But the older the remnant, the fewer fragments of color typically remain.
Despite many searches, no one has found any remnant of the impact body.
Both telescopes observed the cosmic microwave background radiation, the remnant glow of the big bang.
So it is possible that some subsurface remnant of the ocean itself persists.
Perhaps that is a remnant of past viral success, or environmental exposures of the donor.
As these places slowly dried up, remnant populations became isolated from the other crocodiles on the continent.
With no material to slow it down, the supernova's debris spread quickly, leading to the remnant's unusually large size.
It may be a remnant of a larger shape that helped focus distant sounds.
It seems more likely to be a remnant or relative of a star.
The flesh below is pink, except for a gooey patch of red near the head, the remnant of a remarkable piece of cetacean anatomy.

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