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But one relic that is seldom discussed is the religious segregation that persists on university campuses throughout the country.
However, neither the relic nor the mountain have yet to be discovered by the world.
It's definitely lamentable that the concept of high fidelity seems to be largely a lost relic.
Add a few fibs to the mix and the plague of polling and surveys might possibly become an electoral relic.
In addition to their mitochondria, plants have a second relic symbiont, the chloroplast.
However, the book appears to be in danger of becoming a relic.
For seven decades, they were a curiosity, a relic of a lighter-than-air future that never quite came true.
So, it's time to ditch the retro relic and replace it with something from this century.
Today, that sentiment is scoffed at as an antediluvian relic of a simpler time.
Glittering pipelines crossing the whole area reveal that the place is not merely a relic of the past.
Glittering pipelines crossing the whole area suggest that the place is not merely a relic of the past.
The iron, that relic of households past, is no longer required to look neat and freshly pressed.
By the time the flames were extinguished the rickety relic was heavily damaged.
He halted before the ruins of a seventh-century stupa, or relic chamber, a heap of clay and conglomerate rock.
But, the relic radiation is extended and in the future will change and its temperature will decrease.
But touchscreens bring with them an extra danger, a relic of their virtuality.
But in the past few years, the old library was in danger of becoming a relic.
Look at us now: the crumbled relic of a once-glorious party.
Already, there are signs of compromises between professional archaeologists, and amateur investigators and relic collectors.
Whether one gets the right relic abundance depends on the details of the parameters.
Therefore, nukes are useless and are a relic of a bygone age.
We were there with some amount of irony-or mockery: observing a relic.
Witnesses to such a grandiose relic should worry less about falling asleep and more about slipping into a coma.
Gun-control advocates, on the other hand, tend to view the amendment as a dusty historical relic.
Setting aside his computer algorithms and thick-buttoned relic of a calculator, he absorbed every typewritten page.
There is also the occasional interloper or ominous relic, since the road is not entirely abandoned.

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