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It's no wonder that you're in support of continuing the regime of standardized testing.
So if some people rebel, others may follow, thinking that their rebellion may be a sign of the regime's weakness.
Symbolically, it is the lungs of the regime, where its noxious but effective televised propaganda is authored.
The regime executed people who tried to adapt by engaging in private business.
The regime of which the dollar is the centerpiece, in its role as the world's reserve currency, is now teetering.
He is asked only to stay in fighting form and to defend the regime in times of trouble.
At times these songs got artists into conflicts with the regime but they also helped fuel the people's resolve.
The surface hydrology, humidity regime and nutrient cycles are disrupted.
But change doesn't end after the barricades have been stormed and a new regime has been installed in place of the old one.
The result is a kind of phase change when the flow changes dramatically from one regime to another.
Among all popular media today, video games are unique in their reliance on the regime of competence principle.
Put in a management regime and all those can be addressed.
But the current regime is different from the previous one.
Those who were not regular game players were then put through a training regime involving hours of console gaming.
These terms can only be determined cleanly in the linear regime, and it's not obvious that this is completely applicable here.
Whether this new regime or not is leading us astray.
In a totalitarian regime, you never know the mistakes that are made.
The leaders of the old regime not only remained unpunished but retained their personal, economic, and social positions.
The archives of the old regime have become big business.
Violence, as he well understood, was one of the principal mechanisms of regime change.
Regime shifts are defined as rapid reorganizations of ecosystems from one relatively stable state to another.
There was nothing noble about the regime of party bosses that the system of caucuses and primaries replaced.

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