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Example sentences for recoil

We rent movies about youths dying in mud or jungles and recoil at the senselessness of it all.
But while those countries recoil from atomic energy, others are committing to a nuclear future.
As it crouches, it stretches the tendons across its knee, which then recoil during the jump to give it an extra boost of power.
Rather than recoil from these new campers, the protesters did everything they could to include them in their tiny, model society.
Surely the public would recoil at the demonstrators' preference for confrontation over dialogue.
The brain may then instruct the robot to recoil from the object, depending on whether the object could damage the robot.
We are seeing a public recoil from formal politics, from the active, reasoned exercise of citizenship.
Rather than rely on a muzzle-brake to reduce recoil, use a rifle heavy enough to reduce recoil.

Famous quotes containing the word recoil

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