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It was determined the crows actually had facial-recognition abilities.
In the hands of court poets or polite romancers the original stories were, of course, often disguised beyond easy recognition.
Among the latter those which subserve the self-preservation of the individual had the first claim for recognition.
Their first task is formal but vital: to gain diplomatic recognition.
Recognition is made and regulated by the countries in question.
Science is an art, all the discoveries and inventions that help solve mysteries of life's complexities deserve recognition.
Many speech-recognition services store customers' information and greet them by name when they call.
They were also a shortcut to name recognition and technology that would otherwise have taken years to develop.
Of the candidates that had name recognition in the first place.
The others have a lot of ground to make up before they can match his combination of name recognition and financial resources.
If she wins the nomination, she will automatically gain recognition.
Only a few of those who lost limbs, relatives or land received much recognition.
For small brands fighting for recognition in crowded markets, almost any publicity is beneficial, he reckons.
Maybe this technology could be implemented as a security solution on higher level than eye or fingerprint recognition.
In others are several unfortunates distorted almost beyond recognition.
And he recently completed a study specific to sibling recognition.
But even those of us with normal face recognition skills are subject to many illusions and biases in face perception.
The subliminal story is the recognition of the lie by the error detection mechanism.
One theory of facial recognition holds that a specialized area of the brain is specifically wired for the job.
Face recognition would be a vital tool in that process.
Pattern recognition is essential to survival, so this is no surprise.
But the researchers suggest that a mechanism for kin recognition is likely.
Sheep can recognize individual faces-human and sheep-and retain the recognition long-term.
Take a good look at how facial recognition technology works.
For example, a list of sight words for each article will help you pinpoint the words for which you wish to build recognition.
Learning and memory appear to be important for kin recognition in animals, but this isn't an option for plants, she noted.
The mobile app uses visual recognition technology to identify the species of a plant based on a photograph of one of its leaves.
With its high-end voice recognition software, it carries out your spoken requests.
The ones who gave so much and received so little recognition.
Still, it surprises me that there isn't more recognition for his contribution.
But the movement-driven by the recognition that people were spending more time on mobile devices-went in fits and starts.
For one thing, tenure comes with no recognition ceremony, except maybe a party.
Curating the word and curating the phenomenon suggest a welcome recognition that some situations demand expert taste and judgment.
When companies failed to credit her work, she fought successful legal battles for recognition.
Community colleges do not take this sustained recognition and support for granted.
Voice-recognition features compare their pronunciation to that of native speakers.
Many in government or close to it will read the following article with the shock of recognition.
The visits of these high and mighty types are useful for recognition of something important happening on the ground.
There is also the myth that by sheer virtue of your talent, you will receive adulation and recognition.
Contrast the housekeeping robot's complex visual recognition challenge with the task of automating the radiologist's job.
First, she enjoys instant recognition on a national level as a result of her career as a public figure.
There is growing recognition of the importance of ingenuity.
Recognition of the importance of sustainability is strongest among retailers, processors, and government officials.
He hasn't quite mastered the voice-recognition system in his sports car.
Estragon's cries made the six hundred and fifty or so onlookers at this free event shiver with recognition.
He died without recognition, which saddened the writer.
What's been overdue is high-calibre recognition for his magazine work.
In the late seventies, there was a growing recognition that rehabilitation programs paid off in lower rates of recidivism.
The app works by mashing up the latest in facial recognition software, cloud computing, and augmented reality.
But they now recognize the cognitive benefits of playing video games: pattern recognition, system thinking, even patience.
New research suggests that an individual brain cell is capable of complex pattern recognition.
Thus self-recognition in mirrors, they argue, can serve as an index of self- awareness in species other than our own.
Those who didn't see the answers first-time round were unmoved by the extra recognition.
At the core of speech recognition lies the phoneme, which is the basic phonetic building block.
Other species have their own conspecific recognition capabilities, this isn't rocket science.
Together they are testing epilepsy patients' memories to reveal the brain mechanisms that underlie image recognition.
Hopefully this prestigious venue will bring an incredibly talented performer to much-deserved wider recognition.
We have an eyeball system with a neck and nodding and recognition and ranging.
Her pattern-recognition system found a match in the flow of sensory information.
Acquisition of chemical recognition cues facilitates integration into ant societies.
Participants were given a special recognition test in which their memories of kaleidoscopic images were evaluated for accuracy.
Perhaps this lax self-recognition opened the door for invading algae.
Rather it is a recognition that simple models are insufficient.
Your field studies of beautiful animals won you recognition, yet your focus shifted to conservation biology.
And it's also fantastically beautiful, worthy of wider recognition.
It has been an absolutely remarkable achievement that, in my opinion, has not received near the recognition that is deserved.
One need only bind to the small patch of protein responsible for host recognition.
She endures excruciating plastic surgery in an endless search for self-recognition.
In recognition, the library announced, his name would be would be carved onto the exterior of the lion-guarded building.
But now, at the crest of his creative powers and public recognition, slippage.
Spotting me, he smiled and made a hand gesture of recognition.
Some have even proposed having corporate sponsors share park costs in exchange for donor recognition.
Don't miss out on the chance for recognition next year.
Someday there may be optical character recognition software that turns those scribbles into manipulable text.
But that surely stretches the imminence requirement beyond recognition, virtually to the point of abandoning it altogether.
All of my work on gender and science proceeds from this basic recognition.
But that stretches the imminence requirement beyond recognition, virtually to the point of abandoning it altogether.
Pop music, inflated beyond recognition, nearly suffocated under its own weight.
Perhaps because of that unusually universal recognition, the word has more recently acquired almost magical qualities.
For the new president, the starting point should be recognition of some uncomfortable, brutal realities.
Here it is offering ruthlessness a recognition long overdue.
Often they have achieved professional acclaim and moral recognition.
Some were charred beyond recognition, others torn and singed beyond repair.
But there is another defect that has received less recognition: a false belief in the stability of financial markets.
After her two terms as mayor were up, she gained statewide recognition in her campaign to become lieutenant governor.
Pattern recognition based on an instantaneous appraisal of the patient will become the norm.
With airports tightening up security, biometric technologies such as face recognition may come on line.
Speech-recognition software could improve video search.
As computer vision software gets better, facial recognition software is becoming more common.
Voice recognition that finally holds up its end of a conversation is revolutionizing customer service.
We're even looking at incorporating lip motion recognition.
The fact is that voice recognition has to cheat to be really accurate without extensive pretraining to your voice.

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