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To the receptive viewer they open whole worlds, dozens of characters, trapdoors of narrative surprise and revelation.
He gets the best food, he is respected at all times, and he alone mates with receptive females.
Our insecurities and fears, and need to belong, make us receptive to this exploitation.
Studies have shown that they are receptive to subtle cues from electronic text based transmissions.
We of all people should be receptive to learning from our mistakes and improving.
Daydreaming about rock groupies tumbling into a receptive mosh pit.
Francisco is already receptive to geeks, anarchists and other square pegs.
The same research also found that some people have a gene that makes them less receptive to the taste of fat.
Some automobile manufacturers are more directly receptive to the sounds of silence, however.
Clergymen and popular newspapers preached practical charity to newly receptive audiences.
They are more fearful in general, making them more receptive to threatening aspects of the environment.
The public are receptive: nearly two-thirds say the government should spend more to revive the economy.
Where there is a receptive audience, anything is possible and the truth malleable, as long as the result is a raucous ovation.
He was skeptical of the morals of industrialists and newspaper publishers but receptive to the delusions of quacks.
Those raised with television will be more readily receptive.
But by then, the frame of mind on the other side was anything but receptive.
And when she opened a private practice seven years ago, she found her compatriots receptive to her message.
But it can also make the uterine lining less receptive to a fertilized egg.

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