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Mix a few well-chosen vintage pieces with contemporary items that recall the shapes, colors, and styles of the jet-set era.
From your own dreams you will doubtless recall the fusion of several persons into one.
It is curious to recall some of the mental habits of those departed days.
Injections again recall the unfortunate friend who has poisoned himself with cocaine.
Next, ask students to recall examples of fossil evidence that supported some of these interactions.
After participating in the activity, ask the students to recall events that changed the range and population of the gray wolf.
Once a nuclear-tipped missile is launched, no one has the means to recall it.
Pond snails don't have the memory skills of more complex creatures, but they can recall experiences and learn from them.
But of the myths of his people he appeared to recall nothing.
Two days later, they were asked to recall as many words as they could.
During his first years as a dean, he doesn't recall any students or parents asking about study abroad.
Emotion produces a kind of tunnel memory, boosting recall of central objects but allowing people to forget surrounding details.
Remarkable recall power, researchers believe, is a big part of how elephants survive.
As far as they recall, their personal histories ended shortly before the onset of their disorders.
The scientists predicted the likelihood of successful dream recall based on a signature pattern of brain waves.
It's tempting to think of recall as a video recording or some simple device.
In fact, forgetting is important because it makes it easier to recall new memories.
Rivalry can be highly motivating, but it can also impair people's judgment and bias their recall of events.
Of interest, theta episodes were also more common when the teens were trying to recall the maze, not learn it in the first place.
Memories fade with time, often to the annoyance of those who can't recall important details.
We've parked our cars and committed details and landmarks to memory, only to draw a blank when it comes time to recall the spot.
Many of us can automatically recall these photos in our heads, but far fewer can name the photographers who took them.
But a new study suggests that far from improving recall, it makes things worse.
Older readers may recall that the government used to be rather keen on buying centrally.
Walking among the backpacks, you may recall the eternity that an autumn day could once contain.
It's common for tastes and smells to trigger emotions that recall far-off or long-ago family, friends and places.
But for him the adoption of some strict form might well have made him recall the past in unfortunate ways.
The first law, you'll recall, holds that the amount of matter and energy in the universe is constant.
Those who witnessed that night would consistently recall how the sky glowed blood-red.
But something about writers makes them want to recall these things, even if they are quite unpleasant, devastating things.
Thus, if one is to understand where the unions are today, one must recall where they have been.
And recall: it does not include state and local debt.
It can be difficult to recall the mindset of our younger selves when dinosaurs seemed bigger, toothier and more monstrous.
Anthropological inquiry has uncovered flood recall among all different cultures around the world.
If there is something to recall, there was nothing to regret.
Most people by now may recall a moment of clarity, an inkling of doom.
Most people may now recall a moment of clarity, an inkling of doom.
She gets into her car to go home, and finds that at last she can recall her dear husband's face.
As though simply to recall the tale is a sin whose penance is to live knowing you have somehow.
He was having trouble with that instantaneous, unreflected recall required by the pasta station.
In particular, she says, they're wary of products that would be difficult to recall should they prove defective.
The retrofits will be part of a voluntary program, not an official product recall.
Minutes before the treatment, the patient in the case study couldn't recall the year or which state he was in.
It has been known for decades that the hippocampus is the brain region involved in learning new memories and in recall.
She could understand the meaning of words and recall the faces of famous people.
Recall that when an egg cooks, its proteins first unwind and then link to form a rigidifying mesh.
When you recall a past event, the memory becomes temporarily susceptible to erasure.
Recall, there is no test to become a parent, no minimum qualification or form of licensing.
In fact, if you recall from lectures, he couldn't have been right.
At first she couldn't recall being sick, but then she remembered.
The fact that it had not been in use for about eight years explains why no one could recall it.
We can recall myths of origin in which goddesses precede gods.
They've racked up hundreds of driving hours together, and she cannot recall his ever being this silent.
It's difficult to recall a situation when a photographer has had such steady, tag-along access to a moody, elusive star.

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