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Example sentences for ravine

The botanists forged through a thicket and crossed a rocky ravine bed.
Below me snakes a dusty ravine studded with old olive trees.
There must be an out-of-sight mountain river or ravine pushing or pulling the water.
If the train doesn't stop, it may plunge into a ravine.
At one point a faint shadow glides over the bottom, then vanishes into a dark ravine.
Don't show my character throwing a knife into a wolf's face before jumping over a ravine on a glowing white horse.
His comrades tie him up to drag him off to a hospital, but he breaks away and throws himself into a ravine.
Kittiwake colony in a narrow ravine with steep cliffs.
Above this tableau, at the lip of the ravine, a bulldozer idles.
In a ravine she went where a spring was silently flowing through a hollow log.
They watch five people hike along a track bordered by a ravine.
We rolled small boulders down the incline of ferns until they cracked angrily against something at the base of the ravine.
Visitors arrive at the museum's entrance at the top of the ravine and descend below the tree line into the main lobby.
Don't be afraid to walk across that board across the ravine.
He could not stay in this ravine in concealment until the end of hostilities.
As the walls of the ravine close in, trouble stirs, and the waters boil and eddy.
At this moment some of the regulars appeared across the ravine on our right.
Perpendicular to the main road, a deep ravine travels north flanking the east boundary fence.
The ravine cuts through the hillside in a southerly direction down to the village.
The edge of the field slopes towards the ravine, likely enough to cause the machine to move if left in neutral without a brake.

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