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Dermatomyositis is a muscle disease characterized by inflammation and a skin rash.
Although it might seem easy to clear formatting with a click, a copy editor would be rash to do that.
Measles causes symptoms including an extremely itchy rash, high fever, runny nose and red eyes.
After a brutal onset involving excruciating headache and blistering fever, a rash would arise.
Over the next couple of days they spread to my thighs and arms and turned into a red rash.
The decision is the latest in a rash of court cases in which public concern for marine mammals has stopped acoustic research.
Corticosteroid creams or ointments or other soothing skin medications may relieve discomfort from itching and rash.
The rash slowly becomes ring-shaped, with a red-colored, raised border and a clearer center.
The early rash is a light rose color and fades when you press on it.
Later, the rash becomes dull and red and does not fade.
For example, a patient might come to us with a rash.
And that may be reason to worry: totalitarian regimes close to demise are apt to get panicky and do rash things.
Users say the antihistamine is good for preventing rash, but it's mostly to increase the volume of a shot.
Chen said that people with sensitive skin may get a rash from sunless tanning products, but that in general they are safe.
And note that fewer things make me crazier than the inevitable rash of late autumnal pieces on how hunting connects us to meat.
Tens of thousands of people were killed by the falling volcanic ash and fumes and by the rash of tsunamis that ensued.
Those allegations spawned a rash of regulatory action.
Don't do anything rash without consulting a bankruptcy lawyer.
Yet if a little skepticism as to the wisdom of the general contemporary verdict is wholesome, a complete skepticism is rash.
Symptoms could include skin rash, running nose and headache.
There are serious objections to be met, fears to be disarmed, and rash hopes to be crushed.
There's been a rash of slightly odd and suggestive results as of late.
The hallmark is said to be a bull's-eye rash, yet the rash can take other shapes or not appear at all.
Calling them crackpots was probably rash, but no more so than their conclusions.
The group formed as a response to rash violations of academic freedom.
He had a bad reaction, including a high fever and a rash.
It was one of those rash hypotheses, unusual in paleoanthropology, that are readily falsified.
He thought it was rash to claim that microbes today had not evolved significantly since the dawn of life.
They have a rash of sicknesses early-on, and overuse the antibiotics.
Even worse, the rash-inducing vines may become more potent.
If the patient remembers finding a tick, or develops a rash, that's a big clue.
Investors have been treated to a rash of takeovers, mergers, cost-cutting and share buybacks.
But instead of helping, it had caused runaway inflation and a rash of strikes.
Rash promises made in opposition are coming back to haunt the government.
Election results have been almost always contested, leading to a rash of coups and mutinies.
To predict success would be extremely rash, however.
However, their leader reportedly says that he will take no rash decisions if his party rises to power.
It would be rash to label the policy a success, though.
He contracted tuberculosis, developed a heavy rash and had permanent digestion troubles.
One reason to worry is that newly debt-free countries could be tempted to rash new borrowing.
And the army rangers are on their toes, responding pronto to a rash of new orders.
Shingles usually starts as a painful rash on one side of the face or body.
Virus can be present in the urine even a few days before rash appears and begins to diminish a few days following rash.
Around the neck area there was a stronger rash area.
Cipro also increases sensitivity to the sun, so to avoid a rash, you need to cover exposed skin when going outdoors.
It is subjective, rash and almost always deliberately provocative.

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