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Range of motion is the distance and direction of movement of a joint.
By installing a range and a warming drawer, the couple gained extra counter space and another cabinet.
Feeds a broad range of plants, from annuals and perennials to ornamentals in containers.
They range from solid pale pink to white with hot pink streaks.
Coffee so made should be served from range, as much motion causes it to become roiled.
But the scope and range of the essay had not yet been discovered.
We cannot expect to remove either from the range of controversy.
Heat gradually to boiling-point, then let stand on back of range two hours.
Almost all the processes employed in the arts and manufactures fall within the range either of physics or of chemistry.
He continued to write criticism and began to write farces, merely enlarging his range as he developed in power.
But within his range he is as powerful as he is poignant.
Of course, those that were wild from the range had to be thrown and tied down before they could be shod.
As soon as smelts are put into fat, remove fat to back of range so that they may not become too brown before cooked through.
Limited range of motion is a term meaning that a specific joint or body part cannot move through its normal range of motion.
But his reign was painfully brief, ending in his bedroom with a single bullet fired into his head at close range.
Along this more than four-mile stretch, activities range from the mundane to the religious.
It will continue to expand as major manufacturers develop a range of high-speed trains using technology based on non-fossil fuels.
The show contains a wide range of media and unique interpretations of portraiture.
The transistor came to replace the vacuum tube in a wide range of devices.
It has been encountered in a range of animal species, including chimpanzees, but had never been previously shown in elephants.
When he wasn't carrying bags, he spent countless hours on the practice range.
The story was written in easy to understand language, so that it would appeal to a wide range of audiences.
What a brilliant adaptation of a vast range of subjects and periods.
We tried to do things that, despite that diverse range in their diets, would work for everyone.
Hikes can range from less than an hour to a few days, depending on your skill level.
They range in color from pale yellow to mottled green and are rarely found on supermarket shelves.
The diagnoses range from inner ear diseases and brain tumors to schizophrenia and psychopathy.
The fences keep out the cows-this is open range country-but other animals gnaw and burrow their way in.
Our posthumous profiles range from the merely famous to the unexpectedly fascinating.
As they run towards a trap of steel fencing, many of them face a future far from the range.
It is a generalised programme with a good range of electives.
Olin is a full-range school, teaching business subjects from undergraduate to doctorate level.
On the receiving end, the human ear-a non-linear device with enormous dynamic range-adds to the complication.
And that potentially opens the door to a range of new technologies.
The range of issues confronting the two countries is daunting.
Virtually all of its students-who went into a wide range of industries-found work within three months of graduating.
Third, the deterioration in economic conditions would obviously cause a broad range of companies to reduce payouts.
It provides more calories, more quickly, using less land and in a wider range of climates than any other plant.
Opinion pieces should be written about issues of interest to a broad range of readers.
But a clear majority did, and among these there was a range of opinions about what could or should be done.
Numerical study of foraging behavior with short and long range movement in heterogeneous environments.
There's a range of costs and that is of course, the other roadblock.
Broader range of courses in areas directly related to my proposed topic of study.
My mentors from graduate school offered a range of opinions.
But the range of retailing ideas in any given town was rarely that great.
Democracy and supremacy undermine the tragic sense required for long-range planning.
Technique now being tested in a range of conditions.
Compared with more free-ranging louse relatives, the body louse has a much more limited range-both biologically and genetically.
The students tested a range of frequencies from five to several hundred hertz.
Also a whole range of secondary products, including some of the best organic cleaners.
But strictly speaking thats not even correct and the pH scale extends beyond this range.
The best, tastiest cuts of meat come from non-stressed free-range stock.
Whether businesses can work within this range depends upon how they use the vehicle.
Depending on the exact material of the coating, a whole range of colors can be obtained.
The greenhouse effect is essential for our survival because it maintains the temperature of our planet within a habitable range.
It exploits their keen sense for vibrations by mimicking the movements of prey-luring unwitting spiders into striking range.
Which narrowed the range of the group's responses and pointed them in the wrong direction.
With the voice therefore the resonator, with its fixed length, has to respond well through a large range of frequencies.
The current range of situations actually reflects different stages of a three-part historical evolution.
Chaperone proteins could be the key to treating a range of diseases, including some cancers.
Organic and free-range certifications cover different aspects of raising chickens for food.
In their northern range eagles remained relatively protected by isolation.
Tropical primates on the perimeter of their range no longer had plentiful fruits and year-round streams and lakes.
The dark lines next to each species represent the range of sounds that each species can hear.
Maps are used to provide a wide range of information about a particular area.
Lodgings here accommodate a wide range of tourists, from the backpacking ecology lover to pampered resort fans.
Introducing livestock to its range is guaranteed to broaden its diet even further.
These breeding challenges have contributed to significant population declines across much of the animal's range.
Mated pairs migrate to and breed in the northern parts of their range and build nests on the ground or in a protected cavity.
Options range from a one-day rookie cleanse to a five-day advanced solids-depriving-people-only program.
So this resulted in us having a wide range of detainees.
It felt and sounded as if a thousand had come at them at once, from close range and continuing without letup.
Students have to demonstrate intellectual ability over time and across a range of subjects.
New products are released every month and they range wildly.
Welch's range is not wide and her voice has a mournful, vernacular quality.
He had asked interns to come up with a range of short and long names to simulate the actual ones.
They show the same range of views, some of them within a single individual, that one heard throughout the war.
Honeybees can also respond to a wide range of colors.
Human bodies are imperfect machines in which a range of biology can take place.
We don't notice them in everyday life because they are short-range, extending over only tiny distances smaller than an atom.
Others, well, their actions range from merely pointless to ludicrously tragic.
They would be the ideal free range animal and yield meat that is high in protein and low in fat.
Intriguingly, the observed scaling exponent falls in a narrow range that maximizes the optimal complexity.
The hybrid model gives the robot an extraordinary range of potential shapes and movements.
Trouble here is that the range of specs could have been easily produced with both hand held and projectile weapons.
Being in the normal range of both weapons, it then technically favors neither.
We have a range of possibilities for the shape of the extra dimensions.
Everyone has a range of ideas they are prepared to accept.
Beyond that range, its combustion engine will kick in, powering a generator for its onboard battery.
He multiplies the number of people born each year by his own age and by the fraction who are in his age range.
His art consisted exclusively of conveying horror, and in this his range was encyclopedic.
Hers is not a voice with enormous showy range or forcefulness.
These interventions range from scenic viewing platforms and bicycle storage shelters to rest stations and hiking paths.
From this stems a range of theories that go on to explain laughter as the result of evolutionary adaptation within early society.
The first is the sheer range of evidence brought to bear.
The daily spectacle was delirious, uncanny, the range of goods boundless and utterly random.
Range and pasture lands are diverse types of land where the primary vegetation produced is herbaceous plants and shrubs.
The range is used in some applications, such as quality control, for its simplicity.
The new generator runs efficiently over a wider range of conditions than conventional generators do.
The trick reduces sensor power consumption and extends their range.
Hybrids, plug-ins, and extended-range electric cars are hitting the market.
The heart of the sensor is an array of tiny but powerful lasers that can be tuned over a wide range of wavelengths.
New artificial blood vessels could help a wider range of patients.
It stores less energy, which would limit the range of a car.
Potential applications range from detecting tumors to finding plastic explosives.
The researchers tested a range of different gasolines made at different refineries.
But building a more generalized electronic nose platform that could detect a wider range of chemicals hasn't been possible.
Second, it should simplify development, encouraging a broader range of applications.
We have to embrace a whole range of alternative technologies.
It has now been lovingly restored and houses a range of restaurants and bars and an art gallery.
Scientists have discovered that quiver trees are starting to die off in parts of their traditional range.

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