ramrod in a sentence

Example sentences for ramrod

There's a difference between a good healthy posture and an uptight ramrod.
We are sick and tired of people using the climate to ramrod more taxes down our throats.
Her body is perfectly balanced, she holds herself straight, and yet in nothing suggests a ramrod.
The army lolls and longs for the shade, of which some get a hand's breadth, from a shelter tent stuck upon a ramrod.
Maybe it's the top-gun lingo and ramrod driving posture.
She stands ramrod straight and beautiful, her hair pulled back in a bun.
He sketched a hasty portrait of a wasted crone with a scornful grimace and a ramrod spine.
As she sings, her lean, serpentine body turns ramrod stiff and her voice takes on a new visceral charge.
Of average height, stout of build, he walked with feet turned out and back straight as a ramrod.
If a ramrod makes a mistake, he can't fix it because the shot is over in less than a thousandth of a second.
The ramrod is removed from the pipes and held, waiting for the next command.
The once-bustling small installation and the ramrod- straight general are both gone now.
Both had a swivel ramrod which prevented the dragoon from dropping the ramrod when reloading on horseback.
The thimbles for the ramrod were next put in place, the ramrod extending through the stock parallel to the barrel.
The wooden ramrod is horn-tipped and at the other end has a bullet worm enclosed within a screw cap.
After being fired, each empty shell consequently had to be driven out of the barrel with a ramrod and a back of an ax.
The remaining amount would be poured into the barrel and then the bullet pushed down with the ramrod.
The soldiers hastily bit off one end and rammed the wad into the barrel of the gun with the ramrod.
We are looking to you for guidance, and there is nothing that would ramrod anything.
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