puzzlement in a sentence

Example sentences for puzzlement

And afterwards, filings stayed low, much to the puzzlement of bankruptcy experts.
But something about the view that night puzzled her, although the puzzlement didn't immediately register as such.
The emaciated bodies of affected bats add to the puzzlement.
Soon my irritation turned to puzzlement, and some self-observation allowed me to track my frustration to a precise source.
Public puzzlement is not the only unfortunate result of scientists' aversion to writing and speaking comprehensibly.
The pronated hands has always been a puzzlement to me anyway.
He then has an endnote that presumably will provide evidence for their puzzlement.
It split the world open with a thunderous whump that left everyone looking at each other in puzzlement.
The first shot simply caused the cop and me to look at each other in puzzlement.
The ultimate cause of failure only deepens the sense of puzzlement.
His admission of ignorance reflects genuine puzzlement with the economy's failure to reach what he likes to call escape velocity.
It has been a cause of both mirth and puzzlement for the more traditionally named.
With others, the puzzlement is so deep that they may never be resolved.
Our puzzlement has nothing to do with the merits of the intelligent design argument.
The second largest number of adult learning projects began as a result of puzzlement, curiosity, or a question.
When the concept was presented to the public during the early stakeholder outreach meetings it was primarily met with puzzlement.
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