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These are the categories that used to be called sociopath and psychopath.
Yet there is also something of the psychopath about him.
And one doesn't have to be a full-fledged psychopath to share some of the psychopath's antisocial propensities.
It's difficult to empathize with, let alone have sympathy for, a psychopath.
By contrast, the psychopath functions well under pressure because he does not feel the moral tension at all.
Caricaturing your enemy as a psychopath simply ensures that you will never defeat him.
Will is wanted for the job because he has recently caught another psychopath and seems to have a knack for the work.
He is a psychopath who works his way up the body count to the top of his own network of rackets.
One of them was a thirteen-year-old psychopath who showed no remorse about having pulled the trigger.
He knew he wasn't a crazy psychopath and the thought probably never entered his mind that she might think that.
The antagonist is clearly portrayed as a megalomaniac and a psychopath.
Everything about him, every comical eccentricity and quirky flaw, hinted at a psychopath in sheep's clothing.
Most of our large companies require you to be a psychopath to fill in the top executive rolls.
Harry is still the sort of guy who believes that if you spare the rod you spoil the psychopath.
The consensus among psychiatrists is that he was a psychopath.

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The psychologist called him a psychopath. They didn't know what else to call him.... more
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