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His beautifully crafted story puts uranium into its complex context as a key protagonist on the world stage.
The protagonist is overcome with joy when he finds a spider.
In the final scene, the protagonist prepares to fight the alpha wolf.
The protagonist tying and retying the knot of his own fate.
The protagonist has been grievously wounded by a fellow member of his organization.
The protagonist moves from that personal crisis into a worldly crisis.
Whatever her story, she is the protagonist, the secret self's personification.
As the protagonist loses his grip on reality, scenes are jumbled together and the art becomes sketchy and inconsistent.
Nearly every story's protagonist suffers from something of a protective shield cast by the writer.
These visions seem fit compensation for the unreflective solitude of the protagonist's existence.
The more utterly the protagonist is crushed, the more urgent and forceful the message.
Here, oblivion appears to encroach on the protagonist and eventually stamp out all embers of emotion.
Hearing the protagonist's struggle to survive creates pathos for his crisis in the students.
Participants read a vignette describing an examination in which the protagonist has the opportunity to cheat.
Punishment type was related to protagonist's academic status and nature of the unethical behavior.

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