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Its track record in proscenium theaters remains mixed.
Diagonal view of orchestra, proscenium and stage, curtains open.
The stage must have a sprinkler system, standpipes, and a proscenium wall.
The low, wide format with its strongly angled walls is the proscenium for this cast of historical actors.
Significant interior features include stamped tin ceilings, the stage and proscenium.
Also, if one day soon it no longer makes sense to continue to do performances on a proscenium stage, we'll stop.
Hose connections on stages are to be on the audience side of the proscenium curtain.
The main auditorium has a balcony with a proscenium stage opposite the lobby.
Incorporated into the gymnasium is also a proscenium arch and stage.
In addition, the stage will undergo a complete renovation, adding a proscenium and footlights.
The proscenium arch is pro vided and the needed stage directions given.

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