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The paradox of pickerel fishing is that a pickerel's culinary quality is in inverse proportion to its size.
It has always possessed a sense of dignity out of all proportion to its size.
Archaeopteryx's brain was smaller, in proportion to its body size, than the average bird brain today.
The amount of power generated increased in proportion to the number of droplets used.
In other words: the size of the brain in proportion to the size of the body.
Physician income has risen out of proportion to other professions, without any real increase in relative education or value.
The external jugular vein varies in size, bearing an inverse proportion to the other veins of the neck, it is occasionally double.
The part which is wrong will be discontented in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive.
All that it has to offer isn't proportion to its population.
Poor drainage, so that the ubiquitous storms create floods of biblical proportion.
There is an elegant sense of proportion in this remix.
He is also a bit boring, and boring in proportion to his curious lack of ego.
And he had a finely calibrated sense of proportion that came from his many years of hardship and military service.
Such a war-such a project-would be hugely out of proportion to whatever marginal security gains it might yield.
He's a storyteller and a singer, and he brilliantly improvises an astounding proportion of every show.
Models aren't as gaunt as they were ten years ago, but they are still unusual in height and proportion.
Almost half of the world's people now live in cities, and the proportion is even higher in the developed regions of the world.
The researchers looked for regions of chromosomes that were identical among a large proportion of the sibling sets.
Washing machines and dishwashers also account for a large proportion of household water use.
The new, more accurate estimate can be used to infer the proportion of all threatened species.
The surface area of a body increases in proportion to the square of its dimensions, but the body's volume increases as the cube.
If the oceans came primarily from comets, the proportion ought to be closer.
The animal looked comically out of proportion, with a stretched-out skull that dwarfed its torso and hind limbs.
Private colleges continue to experience a decline in student yields, the proportion of admitted students who actually enroll.
More precisely, the laser's field drives a small proportion of the electron's wave function away and back.
The researchers have now calculated the proportion of susceptible rats that determines whether the disease spreads to humans.
In some respects, the rising proportion of cancer cases is a side effect of success.
No one knows what the consequences will be as the proportion of human cells in an animal increases.
What is more, performance on the verbal learning tasks rose in proportion to the length of musical training.
But for the others, their reaction time to fearful faces slowed in proportion to their lack of empathy.
Different materials reflect rays back to a detector in proportion to their density.
Heat pumps still command only a modest proportion of the home heating and air-conditioning market.
How disruptive and painful this is is in direct proportion to our ability to start limiting our population responsibly.
Breeder reactors are possible because of the proportion of uranium isotopes that exist in nature.
They belong to a type of literature requiring gifts which are seldom found in perfect proportion.
There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion.
Good mutton contains a larger proportion of fat than good beef.
Liberty exists in proportion to wholesome restraint.
But though ugliness be the opposite to beauty, it is not the opposite to proportion and fitness.
Faculty and staff salaries comprise the highest proportion of the budget.
But our incidence of drug overdose deaths is way out of proportion to our population density.
It may also be true, paradoxically, that a smaller proportion of people are actually reading poetry than were a century ago.
But nearly the same proportion says we're suffering from too much regulation on business.
When a work of art can raise the feeling that's all out of proportion to reality.
There has been over-emphasis and lack of proportion.
On the third hand, the outcome seems fairly ludicrous in proportion to the underlying offense.
As a result, the proportion of arrested robbers who go to prison goes down while the robbery rate goes up.
The right way of estimating a country's products, however, is in their proportion to the number of people.
It might increase the number of storms, the length they last, their maximum strength or the proportion that are strong.
These were set as a proportion of the annual intake of students to the programme as shown in the table below.
As a country gets richer, it is inevitable that a smaller proportion of workers will be needed in manufacturing.
The advantage is that parties are represented in close proportion to their share of the vote.
Only one in six gets that far, a much lower proportion than in other middle-income countries.
Of the small proportion of crimes cleared up, an even smaller number get to court, and a tiny proportion end up with a conviction.
His authority is felt in inverse proportion to his presence.
Researchers often use diets containing a large proportion of energy from fat as a way to induce obesity in rodent models.
The device could also be used to monitor patients who survive aneurysm ruptures, a high proportion of whom develop vasospasm.
The hyperbole is out of proportion with the more mundane reality.
The ratio of the fluorescence intensities at the two wavelengths is in proportion to the glucose concentration.
Within the framework of that design, you will still find a healthy proportion of the content of the printed magazine.
Power output increases in proportion to the cube of the wind speed.
Thus inventors would profit in direct proportion to the success of their inventions-although many would also be paid a salary.
He skirts the fact that each windmill actually uses only a small proportion of that land, permitting multiple use around it.
The device is filled with voltage-sensitive dye that gives off green to red light in proportion to the surrounding electric field.
Blood counts tell whether three types of cells--white, red, and platelets--are in correct proportion.
But a great proportion of the genome might be relatively unaffected.
If so, skew itself might differ from population to population in direct proportion to its long term history of egalitarianism.
The tables below show the proportion of various ideologies in terms of responses to these questions.
The proportion of females is the same, but they tend to always report reading for not as long.
It is but one small incident, being blown out of proportion.
On the x-axis you see the proportion who accept that adulterers should be stoned.
Neurology is gripping in proportion as it is foreign.
Most of these students have been accepted on their merits, and a considerable proportion of them major in science or mathematics.
State courts handle the overwhelming proportion of litigation in this country.
There's something somewhere about the idea of proportion, and seeing everything in its place.
Mixed in with the dogma is an uneasy proportion of sense.
Hence the proportion of combat troops must have decreased.
It will be harder and harder to get some large proportion of them onto a productive track.
The scale and proportion are subtly, sometimes grossly, wrong.
There is not nearly as much as that, as proportion of total hacking.
It is a thing unto itself: an imposing miniature and a miracle of proportion.
Each word is scaled in proportion to the number of times it was used.
One big question is what proportion of that benefit will be captured economically by consumers vs corporations.
In general, life-insurance premiums rise in proportion to your girth, even if you are otherwise in perfect health.

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