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He did not have proof for his views, but there did not seem to be much evidence that directly refuted it.
But if delivery is regarded as outstanding, it is only evidence-not proof-of success.
They work collaboratively for a certain period of time to come up with a team writeup of their proof.
Nevertheless, this tooth is the first unarguable proof that crocodilians did indeed snack on dinosaurs.
More proof that particle physicists have wandered off into pseudo-science.
Floating homes and boats could quickly provide earthquake proof homes.
There is a lot of proof that cuts in government support of higher education leads to tuition increases, not decreases.
Ed discovers terrifying proof that a bear is living nearby.
The proof is in the pudding only if you concede the fact of the pudding.
There is absolutely overwhelming proof for evolution.
Proof you can show off striking architecture without resorting to a lawn.
Proof about the noose's origin is as elusive and contested as the plagiarism case itself.
The proof is a few lines of math, as anyone with an hour or two's training in economics will know.
The burden of proof is on those making a positive claim.
Kohl is living proof that there's room for second chances in science.
The reason is that they maintain an unrealistically high burden of proof.
Here was proof that the civil-rights movement had not gone backward.
Here was proof of human progress and the power of forgiveness.
Some pretend to work, and have guaranteed fire proof positions.
If ever proof was needed that teenagers are more or less animals, this is it.
It features gold plated bullet-proof windows, tungsten and white gold gauges and bullet proof tires.
By the same token, if it shows it was created weeks ago, that isn't absolute proof that it actually was.
Others said the low rate of participation was proof that the department had placed too many restrictions on the grants.
Prehistoric creatures left seemingly endless proof of their existence fossilized in age-old rocks.
Proof of this will come at the second faculty meeting.
The burden of proof for supernatural claims lies with the claimant.
We live in a society of laws and the law requires proof before it finds someone guilty.
Plus, they allow students to provide one last proof of their perseverance.
RT activity is also not any proof whatsoever of disease causation by any retrovirus.
Sometimes the lack of proof means it has not yet been found.
Proof of parallel universes radically different from our own may still lie beyond the domain of science.
Most corpses decayed normally, leaving bare bones as the only proof of lives extinguished.
These beliefs elude scientific examination and proof.
The first several paragraphs gives no proof, no source, nothing.
His botanical colleagues were slow to agree, requiring more proof.
People can surprise you for the better, everyday good deeds are proof that people can be innately good.
Certain reader has raised the question about relationship between the proof of the education and the achievement of the scholars.
The proof of a theory is its ability to predict the future.
The comments themselves seem to be the proof of the proposition.
But don't have any proof of wrongdoing to hold against the student.
So let us begin anew-remembering on both sides that civility is not a sign of weakness, and sincerity is always subject to proof.
Of course not, but that's no proof that they are not there.
Through you every proof, comparison, and all the suggestions and determinations of ourselves.
His championship of any cause was proof enough that it was good.
The fire-proof stairs are outside the house, a perfect fire-escape.
One learns even more from these, for the process yields more proof.
No doubt it will accept the experimental proof here alleged, if and when it is repeated under conditions-Times.
The proof of it was the mismanagement of the rebel interests.
Till that becomes unseen, and receives proof in its turn.
We don't have proof yet that this was political, but the odds are that it was.
He claimed that he had a simple proof of this theorem, but no record of it has ever been found.
The dream had to be easily understood and contain verifiable proof of my soul s existence.
It's the oldest genetic proof for malaria in well-dated mummies.
The proof is in the research and there is nothing that points to natural causes of the current climate changes.
How these sketches and monologues can help with your calculations remains a statement waiting for a proof.
There is enough proof of mind over matter and the control of mind and its functions by practice.
Because climate is changing, this itself is not proof that humans are doing the change.
Right now, it's still in the proof-of-concept stage, so the details of how it works are under wraps.
Until there's proof, flowers and chocolate are probably a safer bet.
Management strategies include use of baboon proof garbage bins, some electrical fencing, and education for residents and tourists.
To many, all this is the ultimate proof that consumers are daft and easily manipulated by retailers to buy things they don't need.
It is, rather, proof of the danger of bottling up tensions in the superficial calm that repression can temporarily impose.
In one sense, food is recession-proof, since people have to eat in good times and bad.
He cautions that there is no empirical proof of that.
Corporate reformers immediately seized on the crisis as yet more proof of their arguments.
For an industry that once thought itself recession-proof, that is shocking.
As a good researcher should be, she is cautious and points out that finding one cause is not proof that others are not operating.
The fall is treated as proof of overvaluation due to the initial, wrong statement.
For them the economic shock was proof of the power of their oil weapon.
The burden of proof rests, in any event, with those who would urge war.
The fact that she never missed anything was to her no proof to the contrary.
He grabbed one of the pieces before surfacing in order to have proof of what he had seen.
My fertility is taken amiss, my blocked colleagues take it for proof of lack of talent.
What fails as logical proof, however, succeeds quite brilliantly as poetry.
The normally recession proof sector has begun to falter.
He preferred the beauty of insight to the brawn of proof.
So far the device has undergone testing in animals and humans to demonstrate proof of concept.
What our study concludes is that those who claim they are doing so need to come up with some more convincing proof.
Of course the use of extra words when translating is not in itself proof of verbosity.
The past twelve months provide ample proof of the limitations of such practices.
Few things in life offer more visceral proof of the power of physics than a karate chop.
It wasn't until this past year that compelling proof came: those bone chips belonged to the oldest fish yet found.
Placing the onus of proof needs to be carefully considered.
Luckily, a well-prepared individual caught proof of alien life on film, and it is remarkably clear.
Recently obtained proof of government plot to steal my ears.
The study is the first proof that old lung scaffolds can be used as a scaffold on which new lung tissue can grow.
Although there might be an evanescent small amount of electromagnetic radiation there is absolutely no proof of damage by that.
It's an important proof of principle for using computers to aid materials design.
It is impossible to make a building one-hundred percent earthquake proof.
That's no longer true, and the proof is that people who now do it don't need the money.
After all, he had no proof he was being overcharged.
If you have doubted whether someone was true blue, you might get proof.
But state attorneys argue neither has standing and they lack proof of being truly affected.

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