prompter in a sentence

Example sentences for prompter

Despite the flaws, the overall picture is one of a health service providing more, better and prompter treatments for patients.
The prompter will guide you through the process of placing your call.
In a model line, display the model prompter screen, ready for insertions.
Vendors have been known to back date an invoice for prompter payment.
All the components you need to set up a prompter with your existing camera setup are included in this convenient package.
In terms of accessibility, this provides much prompter access to in services.
There is also more predictable and prompter compensation for claimants' attorneys than the current system provides.
The second method results in prompter payments to providers.

Famous quotes containing the word prompter

The bald little prompter shuts his book, as the light fades gently. The end, the end. They all go back to t... more
Were it my cue to fight, I should have known it Without a prompter.... more
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