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However, the space component forms the backbone of the programme.
Information about the research programme parts that cover the collection of data o.
The programme ends with a week devoted to leadership issues.
It sounds to me as if you are looking at the right programme for the right reasons.
The programme concludes with an eight-week in-company consulting project and a final careers seminar.
Unless the programme can be reborn in a format less plagued by deadly mistakes, it needs to be closed down.
There was a large crowd of fashionable persons present, and the programme afforded them much enjoyment.
Besides the usual fair attractions athletic contests and harness races were on the programme for decision.
The programme starts with an orientation and a one-month introduction to basic business principles.
Instinctively, one thinks that an online programme must be cheaper to run than an equivalent full-time, campus-based one.
The programme can be completed in two and a half to five years.
It is more likely that the programme will not go far enough.
All cases and no personal life would make it such a boring programme to watch.
By using a programme to remove sections of the block, he arrives at his design of choice.
There is a clear need for a phased programme of changes to eliminate these anomalies.
It is a generalised programme with a good range of electives.
The programme places considerable emphasis on pre-course reading, tutorials and small study groups.

Famous quotes containing the word programme

We should seek by all means in our power to avoid war, by analysing possible causes, by trying to remove them, by discus... more
The idealist's programme of political or economic reform may be impracticable, absurd, demonstrably ridicul... more
Bolkenstein, a Minister, was speaking on the Dutch programme from London, and he said that they ought to ma... more
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