profanity in a sentence

Example sentences for profanity

It includes strong language that stops short of outright profanity.
Their high language is laced with profanity, and their nationalism is often combined with contempt for ordinary people.
Your complaint will not be processed if it contains profanity or vulgar language.
Defendants should speak clearly and loudly and refrain from using profanity or other abusive language.
In the last decade, the occasional profanity has crept onto network and basic-cable television.
Now his lack of experience is showing up big time and he has to resort to profanity to show he is in charge which he is not.
Harry's talents included a gift for telling stories eloquent with adjectival profanity.
Bodies are blasted apart, blood is splattered on the screen and profanity is as prevalent as the plentiful weapon caches.
All reviews will be put up on the site, as long as they avoid profanity.
If what you read or see here is so offensive that it drives you to profanity and malice, please head somewhere else.
It includes discreet bedroom scenes and mild profanity.
The celebrities can be informed that the beneficiaries do not take kindly to profanity.
But minutes later, he used a profanity to describe a political consultant who had offended him.
He gets genuinely upset when he encounters profanity in a movie.
Millions of underwater homeowners can now attest to leverage's downside, with graphs and profanity.
Nobody knows how to obey this commandment, or how to avoid blasphemy or profanity.
Profanity in the street and on television has become the norm.
He's the profanity-spewing political street-fighter.
However, your continued use of profanity is not acceptable.
Personal attacks, profanity, and aggressive behavior are prohibited.
Profanity, loud music, and disruptive behavior are not allowed.
Loud and disruptive behavior, fighting and the use of profanity will not be tolerated.
Profanity or abusive conduct is not permitted and can result in suspension or termination of service.
Profanity, recklessness and/or boisterous behavior are prohibited.

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