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Few people are more preoccupied with their health than business travelers.
We're too preoccupied by our own reputations to think about what others are doing in their own little empires.
Yet the public has been getting less and less preoccupied with both.
Army, he was probably too preoccupied to scale the granite domes.
Get preoccupied with the hammer, and the house will never get built.
Our taste generally is for portraiture that is much livelier, less preoccupied with the dignified facade.
They were too preoccupied with their bucking and surging economies.
For years, law enforcement, policy-makers and the media have been preoccupied with the menace of cocaine and crack.
My advisors often seemed harried and preoccupied anyway.
In the final days of the campaign, though, it is clear that voters are far more preoccupied by the state of the economy.
Preoccupied with the fact that animals migrate, science was slow to approach the mystery of how they do it.
Some owners are less preoccupied with these considerations than they are with power and speed.
They, in turn, are good people but preoccupied with the daily tasks of ordinary life.
But concerns about how to structure a grant proposal still preoccupied me.
It's odd that someone so preoccupied with her image hasn't gotten this across better.
He didn't answer, though-probably too preoccupied with his own struggle to pay attention to mine.
For the first time ever on a reporting trip, am not preoccupied with sneaking back to hotel room to retrieve email.
Unfortunately there there things outside that have me preoccupied.
In the final days of the campaign, though, it became clear that voters were far more preoccupied by the state of the economy.
But this will fade as you become preoccupied with what you are doing at the moment.
But they are still preoccupied with social and political stability.
The soldiers are ill trained and chiefly preoccupied with finding food and shelter.
But it became preoccupied by bizarre intrigues over intelligence.
Still preoccupied with my personal fable supernumerary.
Shareholders in the firm are particularly preoccupied by what he might buy and sell in the next few years.
In a world preoccupied with consumerism and petty self-interest, that gives life dignity.
He is wholly preoccupied with the thing behind the style.
Of course, the inconveniences and terrors of the sea are not of any account to those whose minds are preoccupied.
He may so magnify his achievements or be so preoccupied with his affairs as to enjoy illusions of grandeur and self-sufficiency.
Both looked preoccupied, as they began to dance, and preserved a gravity of expression to the end of the number.
He was a benevolent if remote presence, largely preoccupied with managing a successful dress manufacturing company.
All along the river, people seem preoccupied with the salmon and its well-being.
She had been preoccupied with a host of disturbing thoughts.
The group that accomplished this navigated internal barriers and was not preoccupied with compensation.
Your hands, which might need to rapidly fire a weapon, are preoccupied.
It's an irresistible question, one that has preoccupied science, religion and art for centuries.
The president was deeply preoccupied, and at times incapacitated by self-pity or alcohol.
She simply listens to the blandishments of the procuress, while in the background the preoccupied clergyman ignores her.
And then in the next chapter he is briefly preoccupied by what he witnessed.
The claim was futile, and preoccupied him until the day he died.
During the first ten or fifteen minutes of our interview he seemed logy and understandably preoccupied.
We live in an era preoccupied with the way that ideology and culture and politics and economics help shape the course of history.
He remembers that time as being a disarray that preoccupied him completely.
Fear not: such questions have preoccupied many great minds over the centuries.
Pick-pockets, muggers and purse snatchers look for preoccupied tourists who aren't paying close attention to their belongings.
Not surprisingly, the strikers were preoccupied with regaining their jobs and keeping their system of seniority.
The dollar is weak, and the administration is preoccupied with painful budget cuts.
He, and the book, are preoccupied with the possibility of time-travel that the imagination offers.
You're under some pressure, and it's best to be occupied, rather than preoccupied.
It might seem that your charm has worn thin or that romantic partners are preoccupied.
No, he was preoccupied with a drug habit that sent him into rehab.
The public debate had long been preoccupied with questions of national security and war.
The red flag will be lowered soon, but citizens are more preoccupied with how to repair the ruined fabric of their daily lives.

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