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Unfortunately the premise of this argument is wrong.
Fair enough as an argument, but the premise is wrong.
The major premise of the article and its location were not sited on the maps.
The author quickly abandons this premise, however, and turns his tale into an international chase caper.
We must premise that on the celestial globe Orion is represented as robed in a lion's skin and wielding a club.
Its premise is built on miserably unhappy coincidence.
The premise started out innocently enough.
Despite their morbid titles, the books offer an intriguing premise: You have to have goals in life.
Though the premise and plot may be flighty, snappy writing and a likable heroine keep the novel unexpectedly grounded.
It ranks right up there with the premise that the earth is flat.
This premise is not as odd as it sounds.
It is based on false premises presented as offensively as possible.
My fourth point of view returns to our premise and connects up with our prescribed course.
Sorry the whole premise of this article is about to fall down.
Parking at city hotels is pricey but free on-street or on-premise parking is available at some lodgings in the western section.
In our opinion, none of the reviewers can generally be considered to be critically inclined to the premise of this manuscript.
The premise of the book is about having an environment that nudges you into things that make you happier.
But if the series doesn't evolve from the bare bones of its premise, it won't stay compelling for long.
That's the premise behind today's incremental approach to health-care reform.
Especially because the entire premise of its operation is flawed.
Hubbard might have smiled upon this show's basic premise.
Her major premise is that political liberty begets economic prosperity.
Their idea is predicated on the premise that the cells differentiate on the new scaffold into a relatively functional state.
There's virtually no narrative to speak of and little elaboration on the basic premise.
Gun control arguments make a logical progression from a false premise.
My fundamental premise is that strangers and cities are inherently intertwined.
These stories are great fun, but their premise seems biologically far-fetched.
Nor does any scientist conduct science on the premise that there is no order, regularity, structure or design in nature.
The program never got off the ground, but its premise survives: that there are two ways to think about science.
Most people and even scientists operate under the premise that genetic similarities imply a common relation or ancestor.
The premise is that they do this to see if species have the potential to produce beings that can achieve their level of existence.
Fascinating fiction and a wholly believable premise for instantaneous travel.
The counter arguments seem poorly based on such a premise.
When you work to backup your premise you have already defeated scientific method.
The premise being that my solar hot water system is subsidizing the utility's ability to sell electricity on the spot market.
Well-meant as your article and leader were, they rest on a mistaken premise.
All science operates on the premise that those who make a claim are responsible for providing supporting evidence.
It's the premise that economics plays off of how things should be.
The premise of the article has minimal valid scientific merit.
But the premise that small businesses are somehow more virtuous than big ones is worth interrogating.
The programme's central premise is that investing in human capital helps to ensure a town's economic future.
Some of it commended his proposal, and some criticised it, but none of it questioned its premise.
The premise behind the launch is that expensive, thorough reporting will pay for itself by attracting readers and advertisers.
Your article is thought-provoking, but the underlying premise is fundamentally flawed.
One was based on the premise that not all jobs are equally suitable for all workers.
The basic premise is to use multiple exposures, or multiple lenses, to capture information from which photographs may be derived.
The notion that trade kills jobs is based on the false premise that there is a fixed amount of work to do.
The premise is that people want to interact in different ways with their local communities.
However, his central premise is an arresting and disturbing one.
Campaign reformers start from the premise that too much money is spent on political advertising.
Our premise is that these students will still achieve their objective with the job search.
In the scenarios they presented, the premise was that forecasters tend to be overconfident in their judgments.
So the number one premise that these are cheaper than hotels is absolutely misguided.
Wainwright recognized that the premise is illusory absent competent legal counsel to represent the indigent imprisoned.
It keeps the crazy premise but does away with such essential ingredients as funny material and antic timing.
And yes, that premise probably contains a tiny grain of truth.
The sequel suffers from a lame, saccharine premise and a fatally earnest manner.
Its premise is that writing and thinking are inseparably related, and that good thinking requires good writing.
Two speakers dissented, in part, from the basic premise that there is too little innovation in higher education.
There was never any serious examination of the premise that this policy was in the best interest of minorities.
In comfortable anonymity, reviewers announce they liked everything about your book except its main premise.
First of all, it's important to understand the premise behind co- ops.
The basic premise here is that the author is cognizant of his own biases and that theologians are not.
Part of the answer lies in the theory's breathtaking premise.
The premise is deceptively simple: the heavier the rocket or its payload, the more fuel it takes to reach orbit.
The premise is false, resulting in a useless question.
The premise of the piece above is that natural selection is the only selective process.
If his premise is correct, it should be able to stand on its own.
Some may support the initial premise, some may seek other answers.
The premise is that each word or phrase is a seed for users to plant in their gardens.
If you start with a wrong premise you can't get the correct answer.
The premise of the hydrogen economy is that hydrogen will replace fossil fuels as transport fuel.
There may need to be some hurried rethinking if that premise turns out to be wrong.
That's even granting your premise of double taxation.
While the premise is a great one, it fails in execution.
The one flaw in an otherwise airtight sitcom premise.
If you were straight, this would be a solid premise on which to build a romantic comedy.
Let's really dig deep and crack open the ribs on this premise.
At the heart of modern theories of nuclear strategy lies the premise of accuracy.
Logically speaking, the conclusion does not follow from the premise.
Such envy rests on a false premise: that to each of us a promise has been made.
But it gives reason to doubt the premise that more of the same can yield something different.
Unfortunately, its premise-that universities practice a merit system-is false.
Actually, given the novel's one-step-beyond-cloning premise, the tree-swinging isn't such a surprise.
For every genuinely surprising image or premise, another is creepy in exactly the way you would expect it to be.
The basic premise of a scoop is that you're bringing important facts to public attention.
Off-premise sales are sales held away from the dealership's licensed location.
For a list of approved off premise retailer alcohol training and education seminar providers, click here.
Please be aware that this license is for the listed premise only.

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