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Yawns can precede stressful situations.
This move would have to precede any further action by the Senate, like a vote.
Researchers studying 58 hurricanes found that an increase in lightning tended to precede the strongest winds by a day.
Certain signs precede certain events.
The women's title game will precede the men's championship game on March 12.
The article “a” usually doesn't precede a plural subject or object.
Even some of the quadrupedal tracks show signs of short front limbs—an adaptation that can precede a more upright posture.
Be that the case, they should precede the article with an editorial disclaimer.
The militants may have been tipped by leaks or by the visible movements of troops and machinery that precede any operation.
It did not say when it would be released, but such ads usually precede the actual message by one to three days.
He simply held the door open for me and let me precede him.
Your introduction should immediately precede a speaker.
They also precede words used for the first time in a conversation.
Making a decision must precede the observation of the time that a decision has been made.
Now the toys often precede the programs, whose scripts are conceived of as promotional tools.
But many researchers say that people have less tolerance than before for the failures that inevitably precede success.
In earlier research, they've explored the global economy's changing structure and early-warning signals that may precede crashes.
Sometimes, however, it is expedient to precede the topic sentence by one or more sentences of introduction or transition.
If there is to be a choral service the minister and the choir enter the church from the rear, and precede the funeral cort├Ęge.
But the local blackouts seemed to precede the unsuccessful attempts by a few hundred milliseconds.
Leaving aside valuations, he cites a number of tactical signals that precede a bear-market bottom.
So spotting conditions that may precede attacks is harder.
His main concern is inflation-hence his insistence that structural reform must precede any other action.
They seem to fear rising inflation expectations will precede recovery by a large enough margin that they'll lose money.
Thus, a significantly weathered monument might precede less weathered objects by only a century or two.
The punch lines of the spots don't redeem the dark, frightening images that precede them.
Although an explosive eruption could occur without warning, some premonitory events more likely will precede the next eruption.

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